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Naughty cannock teenage

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About sharing image captionDarcy Norgate said the MP had tried to "humiliate" her A teenager who was called an offensive name by her MP on Twitter says she will not be "bullied" by further comments from him and his followers. Darcy Norgate, 19, of Burntwood, was called a slang word for female genitalia by Michael Fabricant after tweeting he had "neglected" her town. She said he had posted and re-tweeted negative remarks rather than apologise.


Official site Do you sing Britney Spears in the shower?

Do you read J17? Is Uptown Girls your favourite film, like, ever, ever, ever? If you have answered no to any of these questions then avoid Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen like a landmine: it'll prove a messy, painful cannockk.

Answered yes? Well, you might squeeze some enjoyment from this teen comedy, which casts Freaky Friday 's Lindsay Lohan as a new girl in New Jersey, out to make an impression teengae the school play, outsmart a smart-mouth snob Megan Foxand meet her favourite rock star Adam Garcia.

As is so often the case with bland studio 'yoof' productions, very little is at stake. The worst thing that can happen to Lola Lohan is that she's made to look a tefnage foolish.

The best is that she can look, well, cool. Given this, it's pretty hard to care about anything in Confessions, except why it's wasting 90 minutes of your life.

Lohan is a likeable lead and Alison Pill makes a positive impression as her timid sidekick - actually managing to invest her character with some emotion. What this really wants to be is a musical - a contemporary Grease - and there's a style to the stage-set sequences that suggests if the makers had gone for it this would have worked. Instead, they're stuck in a creative no man's land: nothing ventured, nothing gained, nothing worth watching.

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