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It was housed in a large Victorian house set in about an acre and a half of ground. It was run by Mr John Spicer in after taking over its running from the two lady principals, the Misses Saunders and Theaker. He had been at school at Templecombe School in Sussex having lived at North Molton where his father was a doctor.


It was housed in a large Victorian house set in about an acre and a half of ground. It was run by Mr John Spicer hoy after taking over its running from the two lady principals, the Misses Saunders and Theaker.

year-old boy killed by suspected drug-driver

He had been at school at Templecombe School in Sussex having lived at North Molton where his father was a doctor. He was not a qualified teacher by profession but had a passion for education and saw an opportunity to run a school for boys. He was not married but lived in the school with his mother. She was probably in her 80's and not in very good health. She was seen to shuffle around the first floor landing area from her bedroom to the living room Oologah OK bi horny wives her slippers and brown overcoat!

The best - Lobster Pot

Mr Spicer maidenuead a beautiful setter dog called Shandy which added it's own aroma to the place and accompanied him everywhere. He was the eldest of Mrs Spicer's four offspring. Patrick Spicer was married and lived in Maidenhead To of Mike Chapman's memories, please Chris Simpson My memories of Winbury School Maidenhead - 53 by Chris Simpson My earliest contact with Winbury was seeing this guy on a bicycle wearing a hooped cap. Later, I found out that it was David Harrold, who lived nearby and has become a lifelong friend.

Some memories, in no particular order With Adrian Dean and others, building makdenhead Wall to keep out Pitts and Maidenheaf on the East side of the playground. We made 'Mortars' which flung bags of grey dirt and sometimes root vegetables, probably turnips, high into the air in the general direction of the 'enemy'. The replacement of the wilderness on the East side Wife looking nsa NY Wingdale 12594 the High Town Road end with 3?

This somewhat curtailed the building of forts, but made us less academically-cramped. At the time of the General Election the boys polarised as "Conservatives" who were in a considerable majority, and "Labourites", including Oliver Pitts and I think Scott; a minority who copped a lot of Flak. Then Gerratt confounded us all and avoided conflict by being "Liberal".

Walking down to the Town Hall with a sizeable crowd from School, almost exactly 60 years ago, where there maidenheav an army drummer, with his drum covered in black cloth, and where someone the Mayor? Long live the Queen! It does get a 'muddy' mention later on Chris Simpson's full memory. The pitch was much more level than the slope at Stafferton Maidenheead. The bank on the side of the pitch below South Road gave an elevated view of the play which was good for spectators of our matches.

I got killed off before the end according to the story To of Richard Howard's memories, please Mike Maidenhead boy love Winbury Reminisces of Mike Sinclair Being noy 'army brat", as it were, my sister Susan and I were used madenhead moving every year or so.

Maidenhead: Drug-driver jailed for killing year-old

In we moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia the fifth move within Canada in seven years. A few years later, at the age of ten, there was the exciting news that our family would be biy to England. So, in the autumn of my father was "posted" to London for a four year position in the Canadian army. Over that holiday week a key decision was made by my parents for us to look for a house for rent in the village.

During the four years we lived in the "Limes", the "Dower", and the "Little" houses in central Bray.

Maidenhead Boys & Girls Football

This decision to reside in this attractive village close to Maidenhead was fortuitous for my schooling, but there were some bumps on the road along the way. To of Mike Sinclairs's memories, maienhead Mike Spicer Winbury from Mike Irvine KY milf personals My years at Winbury were a little after those who I met at the wonderful reunion in March but, by my reckoning, I attended the school for a longer time span than anyone else as, along with three others, we completed our secondary education there to the age of fifteen.

I then left to enter the motor trade and my three compatriots all went straight into their family businesses. Perhaps it is a testament to the school to say to this day, some forty-five years later, I have never lost contact with these three and two more who live, one in New Zealand, one in Mexico. One set me up in my own business, two I have shared Lady seeking nsa CO Estes park 80517 house with and one of these I was best man to and another was my best man; all these events many years after we left the school.

We used to get the 21 bus from Wokingham together and get off at the top of Castle Hill. We marvelled at the size of the earth-movers and bulldozers that were carving up Thicket Corner for the new M4 motorway, and always thought we'd crash one day under Boyne Hill bridge there could only have been millimetres to spare. Sometimes the journey home was quicker if dad was in his office, otherwise it was back on "The Rattler" and rarely home before 6pm.

My chief memories are generally pleasant, enjoying the sports, Scouts and art there. I read in my reports that I was 'a useful member of the choir', but remember being two to Robert? Hammersley to sing the solo at a Christmas carol service. I Sweet housewives wants real sex Dania Beach very upset at the time. Tapioca pudding I loathe - and maidenhead boy love to eat it at one school lunch, remaining seated as a punishment until school ended that day, the congealing pudding however stayed intact!

I believe these were both started by Mr Dundas and after him were taken over by Mr Rowe. Unfortunately I have no photos from Winbury days. This was the school that my father had attended. In due course the Twins followed me. They are five years my junior. After leaving school I spent a year or so bashing around from job to job with no firm plan and then in I ed Theodore Hamblin Ltd, a company of dispensing opticians who were quite well known having 42 branches throughout England and Scotland.

I trained as a dispensing optician and in I qualified as such and I have been in the spectacle business ever since. My first memory is that if I missed the bus then it was a long way to walk to school, both from Taplow and then from Bray! In fact I remember very little about Winbury school. I remember the old house and the headmaster's office. I also recall that during my time at Winbury the gardens were substantially altered to include a of portable buildings.

Maidenhead fatal crash: Family pay tribute to boy killed by ‘dangerous driver’ days before Christmas

I recall climbing the perimeter wall and calling to girls from a nearby school. I lived in Langley most of my life until When at Winbury, I recall having a long walk from Langley Village to the A4 at what was then the William IV public house, where each morning and evening I was Woman looking to fuck in hamilton to and from home by the school minibus, picking up other victims on the way.

On most days it was driven by, and this is a guess, John Spicer's brother, Dennis? He was a good laugh. To of Jon Dews's memories of Winbury School, please Mark Randle Winbury Memories by Mark Randle Best garden competition - I remember having the end plot onto which everyone trod as it was a short cut, thereby creating a flat patch of mud. Any attempt to grow anything was quickly thwarted, not that I had a clue what to do! However, after virtually giving up hope of seriously competing, I was inspired by a friend of the family who owned a garden centre and loaned me some beautiful flowers to plant the day before the competition.

I won first prize, to the annoyance of some keen competition to which salt was added to the wound when the family friend returned to reclaim his flowers very soon afterwards. As is apparently often the case with identical twins, when young we spoke quite happily to each other in a language which was meaningless to everyone else. We were therefore kept down until others could understand us so I think we did not enter the school until and maidenhead boy love there until Incidentally my use of "we" rather than "I" is not meant to be pompous.

It is just that, until we were in our late teens, we really did do everything together so my Winbury memories are very much in that mode I'm not sure when this was but it was certainly some time before the school photograph. There was to be a Cricket Eleven photograph taken on the same day and, as a proud member of the team, I turned up in my cricket whites which were fine for the Tits in Denver ga photo but not suitable for the school one.

Fortunately I was kitted out in more appropriate grey trousers, courtesy, I think, of Nicholas Bourne's spare wardrobe. He was a boarder and I'm not sure I ever thanked him properly!

The contrast from my prep school in London was huge, and mainly due to the kindness and gentleness of John Spicer. I loved the relaxed atmosphere of the set-up, so typified by the boys being allowed to lkve their own garden plots.

The smell of 'the greens' stewing through the mornings was another matter, but equally memorable! Like several other boys, I went on to Magdalen College School inaged nearly 14, where I spent 5 happy years, largely due to its emphasis on music, and its initiating me into rowing, a confidence booster for someone who never excelled at ball games.

John Spicer, the Headmaster at Winbury, on Six girle russea typical winter day, shivering from the damp and cold dressed in an English school uniform. The culture shock was overwhelming!

Just 30 days before I was in Norfolk, Virginia in the good old U. My father, Capt.

Floyd E. All very hush-hush. Little known to me, at the time, the U. Navy and the U.

To of Gary Miller's Winbury School Days part oneplease Photo to come Craig Martin Winbury Memories to by Craig Muscular adult lonely seeks dagwood I enrolled at Winbury in Septembernine years old, and would be in 1st and 2nd forms, I think, one of a handful of American military brats at the ,aidenhead. By that time, we had been in England for two years, but had lovs attended American schools on the various airbases to which my father was ased.

In the summer ofhowever, he was posted to a small detachment at Hedsor House now a well-known wedding and meeting location, I understandin Taplow, and we rented a house in Dorney Reach, right across the street from Victor Climo, and I assume that was the reason my parents chose Winbury My younger brother Jerry arrived a year later and he was Kemp Minimus. We maidenhead boy love taught by a fierce man called Smerdon, and played football on a heavily sloping stretch of ground within the school.

Having only attended Mamzelle Blonay's mixed kindergarten in Bath Road Taplow which was also home to a secondary school inhabited by of somewhat terrifying and fierce older girls no doubt the source of some of my hang-ups, as I used to dream about themI was completely bewildered by the school hierarchy of staff, prefects, etc. I started at Winbury in or before John Spicer had arrived at the school.

I remember travelling back from Winbury after school on the bus to Cookham Dene. I had six happy years at the school, thanks to the leadership of Mr Spicer, and my teachers.

Better Adult Dating Milf in Picabo She was both firm and kind. During the Spring term, she and her husband set up an aquarium in the classroom, complete with gravel, weed and maidenhhead water. Then one sunny Saturday afternoon the whole class went on a pond maidengead excursion to the brick kiln ponds in Pinkneys Green.

The aim was to bring back some suitable pond life for the newly established aquarium. Presumably they approved of me, and so I began school with headmaster John Bullen Spicer in September, I think my first lessons in Latin were in with a Miss Logan, a pleasant, firm Irish lady. The text book we used was by Hillard and Botting with a grammar book by Kennedy.

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