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The Local Studies Library also holds an incomplete run of the Leeds Mercury, an 18th century newspaper. It contains newspapers from across the UK, primarily for the 19th century but with a ddwsbury of issues from the first half of the 20th century. After the main British Library newspaper digitisation project was completed, it became available through the publisher Gale. Then the findmypast.


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While they were undoubtedly Jewish it is most unlikely that they had any connection with the Jewish community. The community came into existence in the last decade of the 19th century but, as was often the case, there were some transient Jews much earlier. At the Census there were seven Jewish travellers, i. It was headed by a man employed as a wool sorter but somehow he and his wife had room for 17 lodgers, which included the seven Jews, the remaining ten being non-Jews.

Five were tailors, two weavers, one carpenter, one shoemaker, and one, solitary, female, piecer in a mill. They were headed by Leopold Flatow, from Stettin according to his naturalisation documents, although Berlin in the Censusincluding three unmarried sons; Jacobi surprisingly named Facow Faltow in the CensusAdolf and Old ladies fucking in Chinook United States. Their full name was, eg, Jacobi Wronker Faltow.

Inter dating dewsbury father, Leopold, was a Merchant imter Importer of rags; the sons, although in daring twenties, had no employment recorded against their names.

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Later they were recorded in the same trade and may well have been in it already. Otherwise there was the odd case of Lewis Goldman, an unmarried year old Glazier following a typical Jewish immigrant trade Housewives want sex tonight Apollo, from Poland. The youngest, a nine-month-old boy was named Lewis Goldman Sating.

I take it he was the illegitimate son of Lewis Goldman and May Smith. In the meantime, at the Census the married couple now had four children, three of them named Goldman: Lewis, who had been in the Census, and two others born before the marriage: Flora aged 9 and Albert aged integ. To complete this story, at the Census Lewis Goldman is shown as a widower, still a Glazier, three children are datkng him, but this time all named Datng.

The enumerator must have wondered why a man called Goldman had three children named Smith, as there was a question mark after each of the three entries. The children were all employed. Lewis as an underground coal-miner, Albert as a piecer in a factory, and Florence a rag sorter. inter dating dewsbury

There five others in the household, four boarders and a year old boy named John W. Griffin, described, curiously, as a step-son of Dewsburt.

His birth certificate gives his address as 47 Middle Road, his mother was Annie Griffin, a Rag Picker, but no father is shown. Sewsbury is plausible to suggest that Lewis Goldman may have been the father.

No more is heard of him At the Census there datung in practice five Jewish families. One was there temporarily and was otherwise based in Leeds. This was a family headed by year old Abraham Rosenbaum, a Polish-born Tailor with a year old wife, presumably a second marriage. Their name was spelled Rosenbom in other records. They were back in Leeds in where the father died soon after the Census of that year.

The second and third families were Flatows, the father, year old Leopold and his wife, and the oldest son Jacobi Flatow, recently married.

The fourth family was that of Louis Salinsky, a year old Polish-born Tailor, his wife Annie, also Polish-born, and a 6 months Horny women Robertson Dewsbury born son. The fifth was another rag merchant, German-born Frederick Witow, probably a relation of Jacobi Flatow see later. But three families had a Jewish connection.

And there was the family, mentioned above, headed by Inetr Goldman. While it may be permissible to include Max and Adolf Flatow and Lewis Goldman in the statistics of Jews, their families are not, and it is unlikely that they had anything to do with the Jewish community. They are for that reason shown separately in Table I. That was unlike the oldest of the brothers Flatow, Jacobi, who — as we shall see — was very active in the congregation.

In fact the Flatows integrated quickly into the general community although their inter dating dewsbury efforts were not, it seems successful. We know this from the dissolution of two partnerships, the first inbetween Adolphus sic Flatow and Samuel Lumb, who had been carrying on business as Shoddy and Mungo Merchants. Flatow and Sons, dating in shepparton over 50s merchants as well as Flatow Brothers and Co.

They left soon afterwards and in fewsbury in Soho, central London. The Jewish population grew in the first decade of the twentieth century. In addition there were three German-born single men, named Weiss, all in the rag trade as employees and Max Cohen, another German, who was a financial agent. In the meantime most of the Flatows had left, intet father, Leopold, dying inonly Jacobi and sewsbury family remaining as residents. One family, who were to be important in the business life interr the town, was headed by Samuel Stross.

He was temporarily resident there, from at least Swingers Personals in Shasta lake he was elected to the Committee of the newly-formed congregation and appearing in a Directory, living at West Park Street. Iinter was J.

Hyams, living at 9 Blenheim Terrace in and others appeared in connection with the formally-organised community. The first printed reference was in the Jewish Year Book of which stated that there was a minyan at 16 Albion Street. This was repeated the following year,which however seemed to conflict with a report, in Septemberin the Jewish Chronicle. A large room in the Town Hall has been rented for this purpose. The Jewish inhabitants are anxious eventually to form themselves into a congregation.

The support of Jewish residents in and around Dewsbury is desired for the movement Perhaps the second Albion Street notice was a copy of the earlier one and the JC report may have come from a different source.

A few dewsbuyr later there was a synagogue. Moser JP of Bradford. There was, it seems, a Visiting Minister, Rev M. Abrahams, who conducted the service, accompanied by three other ministers.

Dewsbury Gin Shop

The synagogue was in Grove Street, the rooms having been structurally altered and adapted. There was already an Scotland sluts pussy in position: the President was L. Salinski sicbut apart from the Treasurer, K. Weiss who is in the Censusthe other men mentioned cannot be identified as local residents dsting they were the Vice-President, B.

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Freidman and the Hon. Another untraceable name, who presented a mantle was that of Krupans unless this was a mis-print for Isaac Krupeney, a Leeds tailor whose household in included the family of Samuel Tisser, for whom see later.

Incidentally, other people gave items to the synagogue on this occasion: curtains and drapery by Mrs B. Freidman and a silver and ivory pointer by Mr S. Isaacs of Leeds. Towards the end of Mr B. Witow of Berlin, presented a Sepher Torah with mantle and a silver yod. All the members of the congregation inscribed a letter in the Sepher Torah, their offerings being added to the Benevolent Society.

Beautiful woman looking sex York More gifts to the synagogue were reported in the same month A Ner Tamid was presented by L. Salinsky, a clock by a newcomer, Myer Watssman, and a table-cover by an unknown I. His wife Minnie died in and Samuel re-married inhaving moved to Leeds. Two other unknowns mentioned in connection with the congregation were L.

Knowels sic and. Hyman, in and There were possibly other unknowns. In the early twentieth century a Jewish Dispersion Committee aimed to move Jews from the congested East End of London to what were thought to be more salubrious places. In it was reported that one of the towns which had received such families was Dewsbury, but it was not known how many had remained in the various reception districts.

He was first reported as having officiated and preaching two sermons in He made a string appeal to the congregants to attend punctually and regularly and to work for peace and harmony. Later in the year he conducted a service at Yom Kippur, together with a choir.

This may have meant that the congregation was in abeyance from or, more likely, that no local person was available to send information to the Jewish Year Book. However, there are some scraps of information about Jews in Dewsbury in the local newspapers, the first being in and involving Joseph Stross of the firm of Messrs S.

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Weiss charged Stross with assaulting him. Stross appeared with two black eyes, Weiss with his right hand in bandages. The charges dewsbhry dismissed. Stross had travelled from Leeds to Dewsbury with a 3rd class ticket but was seen alighting from a 1st class carriage. He wanted Booth to appear as a witness for him but he refused.

Welfare Jobs in Dewsbury

Stross refused to pay the 1s 4d excess. First, Miss Rose Salinsky of Dewsbury was appointed to fill a vacancy in one of the schools; second, Ernest Wronker Flatow, rag merchant, driving a car was in fatal collision with a cyclist. The jury at the inquest decided that the car was driven recklessly but it was not criminal; third, S.

Stross and Mrs J. He was a partner in the Anglo-Russian Trading Company. It was decided to hold services on the coming High Festivals. Inter dating dewsbury in the neighbourhood of Dewsbury who wish to attend should communicate with Mr. Mark Salont wrote a letter to the JC the following year about the existence of a Jewish golf club in Leeds which, he reported, played on Saturdays.

I take it he was a member of the teaching staff. The newspapers are devoid of reports of the congregation in years immediately before the war and during it so the fact of its abandonment female bareback escort the reasons for it were not publicised. However, one can suggest one plausible reason. It was a small community but it supplied a of young men for the armed forces.

Their absence meant that it would have been difficult to maintain religious Luxembourg amateur sex.

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