4th Mar

Varun Dhawan In Badlapur

After a few disappointing style guides of this year its Varun Dhawan who has sneaked our attention from his movie Badlapur. This movie has a great set of looks which I had never anticipated, the movie has 8 looks in the style guide and almost all of them are easy to get looks. This is the very first style guide which I have published after watching the movie, the movie is a fast paced revenge story and is not what you get from the regular Bollywood movies. The movie has a great blend of looks for fashion ranging from the attractive bachelor to the intense badlapur look. The dance, party and bachelor are one of my personal favourites. Badlapur costume designer Anaita Adajania has designed the looks of Varun Dhawan and has done a very good job.

PS: There is an update staring from this style guide, there will be no ‘buy’ now button for the looks instead the contact details of the costume designer who has designed the look will be given. After which you can tweet or email that costume designer and enquire about how you can get that costume made for yourself. Dont forget to mention that you found the look on I Like That Look in your message to the designer.

Style #1: The Dance Look


This is the most common look for guys who dance, it makes them look cool just like the hip hop guys from Hollywood flicks. A cap here would have been a perk for the whole look but never mind still the intensity of the look is great and adds up to a great look. To get this look all you need is a grey colour vest along with a deep blue sweatshirt and a dark blue denim jeans. If you wish to add a bit of more style then you can also add a rudraksha or a wrist band on your wrist. I think that you might have this in your wardrobe as these three are very common piece of clothing hence I have not provided you with the respective product link.

Style #2: The Bachelor Look


You don’t easily come across such great looks which projects the guy as a stud. This look is the look which will drive any girl crazy. Its the semi formal look which mainly compromises a half sleeve shirt and tie along with a blue jeans. This look resembles the look of Ranbir Kapoor from the movie YJHD in the song ‘Kabira’, the only difference here is the use of sleeveless shirt and a rudraksha. The trend of wearing rudraksha has been back, the last time I saw it was in the movie Ek Villain by Sidharth.This look would get along quite well with a loafer.

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Style #3: The Party Look


This look is a very well constructed look, the shirt used here has a very good colour combination with the designer sleeveless jacket. To add some extra effect a locket is used in the look, the locket here has a very cool concept it is a key chain of a small hammer along with a couple of keys attached to it. The shirt here is a checkered shirt and has a very new and innovative design, the jacket too is crafted well and would make everyone around you enquire from where you got this jacket.To get this look[shirt and jacket] you should contact Anaita Adajania[Costume Designer] on twitter and in your message dont forget to mention you saw this look as the party look in this style guide.

Style #4: The Casual Look


This look is similar to the bachelor look with just a little tweak, it has roll up sleeve shirt used instead of the sleeveless shirt.Its a rudraksha on the left hand of Varun and not a watch. Along with this a light blue jeans is used for this look. There is nothing new with this look and is thus named as the casual look. You can try this look when you hangout with your buddies at a nearby hangout adda. This look would also be great to roam around with your beloved all day long. It is a fresh look and no matter how tiered you feel from inside you can portray energy outside.

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Style #5: The Ordinary Look


Ordinary looks are ordinary because everyone has seen this look on one person or the other and I believe that even this look has its own importance. As seen in the movie this scene takes place when Varun shouts out loud to the nearby people that he has finally done it and has become a dad. Its a look which you can consider after having a girl and not at all before it, this look wont make you attractive at all and that’s the reason why it is an ordinary look. The layers concept is used in this look, a plain tee over which a casual shirt along with a black analogue watch and light blue jeans. A sports shoes is the only best option for this look.

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Style #6: The Hangout Look


A party shirt for party look is one of the best option and it even gets more appealing if the party shirt is a designer one. This party shirt is a very appealing one and can be a good piece of clothing for your wardrobe collection. You can wear this shirt without any vest or tee and flaunt your chest along with the locket.This look would be the best choice in cases when you just have to grab you shirt zip up your jeans and run for a movie or classes. If you are interested to get this shirt then you should contact Anaita Adajania[Costume Designer] on twitter and in your message don’t forget to mention you saw this look as the hangout look in this style guide.


The locket here creates a buzz, the locket has nothing but a key chain of hammer along with two keys attached to it. You can make this yourself all you need is a mini hammer key chain along with keys and thread. I searched for the hammer online but was disappointed to see that the same hammer is not available online. Try your luck at the nearest archies store or you can try any other alternative.

Style #7: The Regular Look


This look reminds me of fashion which was in trends last year, its the use of denim shirt which makes this look interesting and worth highlighting. Denim shirt was used by Akshay Kumar in Holiday as far as I remember and this time yet again it has been tried to revive the denim shirt fashion. A light blue denim shirt is used here over which a regular winter jacket is worn. This look would suite the mature set of men ranging around 30 or so. Teens can try this look but it is not suggested to give this look a try, there are some looks only for mid aged men and this one is one of them.

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Style #8: The Badlapur Look


Now there should be some reason so as to why this look is the badlapur look. The fashion trend of using cargo pants is going down and to revive the use of cargo pants Varun Dhawan seems to take this badla. Its a well known fact that men look tough when they wear cargo pants and as an example I would say just look at the looks of Sidharth Malhotra from Ek Villain or even Ranbir Kapoor in YJHD. This look has a regular shirt which is worn over a black vest and cargo pants is used along with this look.Nothing is fancy, just simple look is favoured.

This ends the style guide of Badlapur featuring Varun Dhawan, Anaita Adajania has very well portrayed the looks and thus after a series of flop style guides this year I think this style guide will be followed by many to get those trendy looks of Varun. Overall there are some very interesting looks which you should try if you anytime feel that this look could help you stand out of the crowd for any event. I have been receiving a lot of messages from visitors which have the question of how to get a particular clothing I have showed in the style guide to this I have a simple answer, as of now I Like That Look is not an online store and does not sell any clothing it is a website which notifys you of the trending fashion in bollywood but to help you to a next level I have thought of a solution. The look which I feel is not easy to get has the costume designer’s twitter handler or in some cases their website. Using the twitter handler(user name) you can tag the designer in your tweet and ask about that particular clothing. If you want to understand the method to approach the designer then >>Click Here<<. You can even use the FAQ section on top of the website for convenience.

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