17th Aug

Van Heusen My Fit Review

It was a couple of days back I had the opportunity to review a new innovation done by Van Heusen known as My Fit.  I usually dont have fitting problems when it comes to buying shirt or trouser online or offline. I have been doing online shopping for around 3 years and have not felt any problem with the fitting until I had the opportunity to wear Van Heusen’s My Fit Shirt and Trouser. I realised that I have been compromising a lot when it comes to having the right fit at the same cost which I invest on my clothing.

How often has it been that you have walked into an apparel store just to return empty handed because what you liked didn’t exactly fit you or wasn’t available in your size? How many times have you wished that you could alter just a bit of the design elements so that the garment truly reflects your own style?

Each one of us is unique – with different body types. Someone may have a paunch, someone may be shorter or someone may have a longer than usual arm length. For a long time, brands have treated consumers as a set of fixed fits and sizes. As a result, people who don’t fall within these specified sets of sizes and fits have to live with the compromise of not finding their perfect fitting garment. Even people with regular body type have to live with the compromises of things not fitting to their taste.

Van Heusen MYFIT changes all that. It’s an innovative solution that helps consumer break all these compromises and gives the power in their hands to find a garment that truly fits them – fits to their unique body or to their unique taste.

As I had to review this innovation by Van Heusen I had the opportunity to wear a pair of formal shirt along with a trouser, both were available in various colour and size.I had my perfect measurements done at the nearest Van Heusen store and was ready to place my order. I am really impressed with the fitting I have from MyFIT. I have shared some pics to let you know how great it is. My Fit is a solution which helps you find the perfectly fitted shirt & trouser.

van heusen

| WEARING | EyeGlasses by Vincent Chase, Formal Shirt by Van Heusen, Brown Belt by Winsome Deal , Trouser By Van Heusen| PHOTOGRAPHY | by Manish Kumar

Its a great deal which you should think about as this might be your best move when it comes to having quality clothing in your wardrobe. I am not a great fan of formal clothing and I try my level best to avoid formal trousers but its the MyFit trouser which has compelled me rethink about my statement, I have never felt so comfortable wearing a slim fit trouser and thus I am so enthusiastic about reaching out my visitors and forcing them to try this.

What’s My Review?

Quality: 5/5

Apperance: 4/5

Cost: 3.5/5

Thanks For Reading.

Styling You,

Shivank Shankar

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