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3rd Jun

Shahid Kapoor in R…Rajkumar

                                BEACH LOOK


This beach look is quite good for a photograph. There are very few clothes involved for this beach look, its just a white casual shirt and a blue jeans. When these get wet this  look is the outcome. To complement this look you will have to wear rudraksha around your hand like a band and aviator sunglasses.You should not wear any vest or T-Shirt inside, but the main problem is for this look you need to be a slim person having no bulging belly. Its best when you are slim and fit and a semi long hair. Rudraksha is in fashion now a days from wearing it around neck(Bullet Raja Style) or wrapping it around the wrist. To look tough its mandatory to have unshaven beard and moustache just like shahid has done here.







                                 FANCY LOOK

This fancy look is kinda self explanatory..its only the shirt pattern which makes it fancy rest is all the same thing. The only thing to note is that shahid wears a sacred thread around the wrist here and wears a dirty white sports shoe to add that funky and dirty look. There is no use of wrist watch or bracelet here unlike the latest trend.

                                                               STUD LOOK


                     OUTDOOR LOOK

Wearing a plain casual shirt over vest is now the new fashion trend.A blue jeans here complements the look along with an analog watch. Something worth noticing here is the belt of watch, instead of using regular black or brown belt shahid has used a variation in style by using a light colour belt which works quite effectively here.Its quite good for a variation to use a watch having white strap and dial colour with black colour around the dial.


                                 TOUGH LOOK 


This tough look is having a shirt over a vest or t-shirt of light colour. Rudraksha tied on the right hand and a black slim fit jeans to complement the look.Again I will like to tell you that these look which involve shirt over vest look attractive only when your body is slim and fit. A good body is thereby here an advantage to show off.