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5th Jun

Salman Khan In Jai Ho

Salman Khan in Jai Ho movie has some looks which I think is worth sharing with our visitors.As we know that Salman Khan is not that famous for fashion but sure he has something to show us this time.In this post there 3 types of look we think might be a good idea to share. ‘Jai Ho’  is a action packed movie with a message to spread and the look are somewhat good, but there is nothing exceptional done in the film when fashion is concerned. Its the old looks which are preferred and nothing new is introduced by Salman Khan so this film lacks the modern fashion sense and favors the old and common looks. But still its good to have a look at is common so here you present you with the looks.


Salman Khan in Jai Ho

So this the formal look showcased here.This look quite normal and there is nothing special I would like to portray in this look, this is a look which will make you look like a professional. It is quite good for office workers or people doing a job and it might even be useful to students who have to attend a party(a formal one :P) or give a presentation or anything professional. The list is given below if you want you may give this look a try.

Formal Shirt: Click Here

Belt: Click Here

Suite: Click Here


Salman Khan in Jai Ho

This is a winter look and it might be more suitable to older people. Though this look doesn’t have much to show but the use of aviator for sure adds the glamour quotient. This look is like mixing of casual and formal look which in the end leads to nothing great. If you want to give this look a try here is the list below.

Aviator: Click Here

Jacket: [Out of Stock] You can use your older one!

T-Shirt: Click Here

Belt: Click Here

Jeans: Click Here


Salman Khan in Jai Ho

So finally we have a look which might be useful to everyone.This look is for a large set of audience present and at the same time is adds a style which we are need of. So the look here is divided into two parts. The basic part contains the use of a plain muscle fit t-shirt along with Jeans and a shoe which matches the jeans.

T-Shirt: Click Here or Click Here

Jeans: Click Here

Shoes: Click Here

There is use of accessory as well to make this look special. There are some cool picks of accessory which is worth sharing. Even though there is balanced use of accessory but the output is quite effective,

Wayfarer: Click Here

Denim Jacket: Click Here

Bracelet: Click Here

A detailed view of the look in an image explanation can be explained below via the image.

Salman Khan in Jai Ho

So this was Salman Khan from the Jai Ho who portrayed us some style which is worth giving a try. Its a try to get a feel of ‘Being Salman Khan”. Dont forget to drop your comments about what do you think about these looks and according to you which one is a look that you feel to say ‘I Like That Look”. If you have any suggestion or any piece of advice which you think might improve the article then please feel free to do so.