15th Dec

Saif Ali Khan In Happy Ending

Saif Ali Khan has again evoked the fashion keeda for Bollywood, he has yet again made a great fashion comeback after his movie Humshakals. This fashion guide has the best fashion looks compared to all my previous style guide. If you are a real fashion freak then this guide will be your top rated guide.This style guide has many products which are designer made thus it will be difficult to get it.This guide has great combination of corporate and outdoor looks which you can use to make your presence feel among the crowd. Karishma Acharya and Mahesh Limaye are the costume designer of the movie and they have done a great job.

 Style #1: The Classy Look


This look is one of the best look which I have noticed throughout the movie and thus placed this at the top spot.This look is from the song ‘Haseena tu Kameena mein’, the shirt used here is of coarse a designer one .I really loved the color and feel of the shirt, I would definitely recommend this shirt. This shirt is very attractive and adds a lot og glamour quotient to the elegant look. A black jeans is a perfect match to this look along with a dark brown leather belt and a wayfarer.This look will basically make you look like a very successful guy and would fetch you a good number of fan following for sure. Give this look a try while going out for a date or even to a pub,disco or any such place where you get a chance to pick up girls, this look will increase your attractiveness and thus your chances of winning are high.

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 Style #2: The Outdoor Look


Denim’s are actually in trend and to do something different the colour of this denim shirt has been experimented.Now this is yet another product which you wont find easily as the colour is really very different so you would be really very lucky to spot it in any store.I am trying to arrange for this shirt by approaching the costume designer lets see how that works out! But for now while shopping keep your eyes wide open to spot this shirt. Use this look for any official meeting at a hotel,restaurant or any other place. It can also be great to try this look while travelling, it will make you a style guru.

 Style #3: The Casual Look


A casual look is what balances the whole movie which has so many galmorous look. This shirt is a regular shirt with stripped pattern you can get it on any online fashion store. This shirt would look great on a dark blue jeans or a black one, its totally upto you whatever you think suits you more but I would still give more priority to dark blue one. A black and white sneaker would look cool with this look. Its an outdoor look and thus can be used for any of your regular day.

 Style #4: The Formal Look


Now this is the formal look which can also be quoted as a playboy look, the shirt,sunglasses,watch,belt,chino just blend perfectly for this look. The look is formal here but the shirt used here is a casual one, a thin brown belt, matching watch and a white trouser.A brown loafer would be great to complement the whole look yet you can give a try to the traditional brown formal shoe. This look can be good for an official party or even late night hangouts,if you know what I mean 😛

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Style #5: The Outdoor Look

The layers concept is back but this time its not the normal trending plain t-shirt, the look has been modified and a stripped pattern t-shirt is used and over which a regular plain shirt is used. The way farer and belt are the normal accessories for this look but something intersting done with this look is the use of chino. This look is not an extraordinary look but yet will make you look cool and can be used for a hangout. It is a great look which can be showcased as an outdoor look.

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 Style #6: The Innovative Corporate Look


A great look to end this style guide. This is the innovative corporate look, this look helps you understand how to mix and match different blazer with different trouser. A vest is something common with every blazer look instead of a shirt which is something to notice. This a very simple look to obtain and thus can be used on many of the occasions. The only problem with the use of a vest here is that your body needs to be really very fit to make this look appealing which is not the case for most of us so think twice before you get this type of look.

Get This Look: Striped Casual Men’s Blazer by Success, Stylish Wayfarer Sunglasses By Floyd,Belt By Skyways

This marks the end of this style guide, I have tried to provide you with the products which are available online along with the looks. It was fun to decode the glamorous looks present in the movie, all credit goes to the costume designer. Its of course a Happy Ending to this style guide. It’s winter time and thus I have reviewed an interesting product which is K&L Soxbox do checkout the review and let me know what do you feel about it. Hope you loved the looks from the movie and are tempted to try a few, let me know your story on how the look was for you I am waiting for your lovely comment. Before leaving do click the Facebook share button to support us survive in the fashion industry.

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