bullet raja poster
3rd Jun

Saif Ali Khan in Bullet Raja

Bullet Raja is a movie in which Saif has a rowdy kind of look.His various looks have been explained in detail in this article.article. Saif Ali Khan is known for his great fashion sense throughout Bollywood hence he has again proved here about how well he can style himself to have that bad guy look.

                           CASUAL LOOK

This is a very casual look in which a shirt is worn over vest,  though t-shirts are not used throughout the movie by Saif, to add some effect a religious pendent  is also worn.


The bracelet used here is quite a broad one, it might be difficult to find this much broad band but still try to get these as shown in the image above. Rudraksha adds a rough look to the whole appearance.

                                                              ROUGH LOOK


The only thing extra added here is the Denim Jacket its a new trend nowadays to wear a denim jacket along with shirt and jeans. This look is kinda aggressive look not everyone might like it, but the clothes have blend quite effectively with the outfit.

                        TOUGH LOOK 


This look is the best one in the slot.It is an energetic and attractive attire to wear, each and every clothing and accessories complement each other. The color combination is at its best and the whole appearance is worth giving a shot. The Rudraksha here is the repeated accessory and is not that important to get this look. The colors here blend quite well when the shirt is worn over vest. The design of this shirt is wonderful and you can find such pattern in most of the good shops having good collection of casual shirts.The denim jacket used here is worth giving a look,  the collar of shirt is above the denim jacket and the sleeves of both the shirt and jacket are folded together such that shirt is outside giving a tough look.Belt used here wont matter much you can use any brown or black belt.Mineral Green Trouser is the best which will suite this outfit along with white sports shoes.