9th Nov

Ranveer Singh In Kill Dil

Its Ranveer Singh who takes the lead for setting fashion trends with his movie  Kill Dil directed by Shaad Ali. Ranveer has to play the role of a Maratha warrior from 1700s that is the major reason why he can be seen dressed mostly in dhotis and angarakhas throughout the movie. To get the best look he has travelled and selected the best looks accross Maharashtra along with Anju Modi,who is the costume designer. The oufits of the movie are stitched in Delhi and Pune according to our sources.Apart from the traditional looks its the regular and interesting looks which I have given priority in this style guide. This style guide has a range from casual looks to classy looks, so no one among you would be dissapointed as for everyone there is one look to suite. The other people who are into this movie are Ali Zaffar and Govinda but it was the look of Ranveer Singh which I gave a thumbs up and hence made this style guide.

Look I :The Causal Look


This is the very first look of Ranveer Singh in which he resembles the look from Band Baaja Baaraat. A transistor radio in hand and wearing a jacket thats all this look has got. Even though this look is simple I simply liked the jacket and thought of helping you get it, if you are interested. It can normally be pared with Jeans but for this particular song Ranveer has instead used a dhoti, its quite an interesting choice. The reason he has given behind this concept is his role of a Maratha warrior in the movie.

Look #2 : The Fancy Look


I did not understand which title should I give for this look a title of funky look or fancy look but finally used the latter.This look is a very different one and it is quite great to see that there is usage of some different colours. This can highlight you in the crowd as long as you are confident about the colour used. Never buy these fancy jackets if you are not confident about the colour it is made of, this is the thumb rule of style and fashion. This jacket is an orange one and so to make it look good a black colour round neck t-shirt is used just to make sure the jacket gets highlighted, you can obviously use this idea with different jacket and t-shirt. But still this jacket is also good as long I see its demand, you can give this a try.

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Look #3: The Regular Look


This is the most regular and casual look the movie has got but its the shirt which propels me to add this look. There is nothing much to describe about this look but all I can say is that this shirt is a designer one and if you want to get this one then just hit the buy now button below. This shirt would look great with dark blue jeans and can be worn on occasions such as marriage, though not everyone will like this shirt but still for those who want to this shirt checkout for your nearest LifeStyle Store, there is a chance you might find it.

Look #4: The Stud Look


Finally the look which you always wanted is right here, it is not a complex look but with some fashion tweaks you can get it. If you are a regular reader of I Like That Look then you should be knowing about the importance of a Denim Shirt, it used in almost all movies which are in trend and if you don’t have it yet then you need to be arrested by the fashion police. For reference you can checkout the past style guides to get the denim shirt. Jacket is something which you will need to order if you don’t have one, the bottom wear would be cool if you wear jeans, though cargo can be given a try(Only use cargo with colour combination). To add the style just go with the wayfarer or aviator whichever will suite you better. To get these just checkout the products below.

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Look #5: The Office Look


Now this look is something different and many people are concerned about it. It is a great look to have for the winter office. A pullover with a formal shirt and tie and of course the trouser which will complete the look. There is nothing new about the look, I know that but its the great colour combination which will drive most of the attraction..

Look #6: The Kill Dil Look


Its the Kill Dil look which will attract attention of all, its the weirdness of this look which makes it so interesting. Here Ranveer uses a colourful muffler which is something off the track as it was no where in the fashion trend but can be the next big fashion trend for metro cities as winter is approaching. Another thing which is different is the sunglasses, a round shaped one which belongs to the Hippie Collection. The Blazer is a designer one so without commenting much I will say that you better buying it using the Buy Now button below.Just fold a designer handkerchief around the lower portion of your right/left leg to make the look with jeans interesting.

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Look #7: The Regular Look


A party shirt is all you need to be part ready and you can never decline the offer for such a wonderful shirt, if you would have noticed then you might know that the same shirt has been used in the previous look, The Kill Dil look. This is an absolute party wear and can be used on various partying occasions. In my opinion you should not miss this shirt as this will give a premium feel of clothing at its best. I have even added the jeans if you want to buy, I know most of you will be having it but for those who want to it click the button below.

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Look #8: The Trendy Look



Look #9: The Professional Look


Its a very different look which will be followed by few number of people, probably only those who like to experiment with fashion. Its a designer look so you wont find this type of clothing online so better try for offline premium shops or a designer.

Look #10: The Classy Look


Now this is what I call classy, it feels so classy when you have this look, it can basically resemble to a holiday look and would be a great look to have while you travel. It will add a great value to your looks and its for sure people around you will admire you for your great clothing sense.A wayfarer,`metal strip watch and the designer clothing. I dont think this designer blazer and shirt would be available to you by online fashion stores, so better opt for local stores maybe you might end up with this one.

The style guide for Ranveer Singh from the Kill Dil ends here hope you liked the looks from the movie and are looking forward to buy it. I have tried my level best to cover almost all the looks from the movie which you will like to have and would say I Like That Look.  I hope you might have enjoyed Diwali and ogled my previous style guide of Shahrukh Khan from Happy New Year. If you have any views or suggestion related to the movie then you can drop your opinion below in the comment box, if you want to contact me personally then you can contact me at shivank[at]ilikethatlook.com. I hope you enjoyed this style guide feel free to share your views and opinion about this guide by commenting below and also make sure you like I Like That Look on Facebook to stay updated with the latest fashion trends.

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