Ranveer Singh In Dil Dhadakne Do

When it comes to setting a fashion trend Ranveer Singh emerges out of nowhere. His latest style guide is one of the best style guide to combat the summer heat, I am sure you would love the looks from the movie as the looks in the movie are comfortable and stylish at the same time. The costume designer Arjun Bhasin seems to have a great set of looks prepared for Ranveer which is comfortable as well as inspirational. I have decoded each of the look in detail tho help you understand the latest trend in a better manner, so have a look at the guide and let me know which one is your pick. If you want to get any look and can not find it in stores online/offline then directly contact the costume designer Arjun Bhasin.

Style #1: The Summer Look




Have you ever experimented wearing T-shirt along with a chino? I guess most of you wont have as we are habituated to wearing those comfortable jeans along with a t-shirt but time has changed and so it is time to update ourself. Ranveer Singh seems to be having a very comfortable look in the movie and the credit goes to the costume designer for choosing such summer effective clothing. A full sleeve v neck t-shirt would protect your hand from tanning but you can also wear heather t-shirt along with breathable chinos. If you wonder what are breathable chinos here is my answer. Chinos are perfect for when you don’t want to go for denims or trousers. They have a lighter fabric and will keep you cooler as opposed to the latter two. It’s easy to dress up with chinos, just throw in a crisp shirt and a pair of oxfords, as it’s easy to dress down too. All you need is a T-shirt and sneakers, and you’re good to go. You can either go for the classic neutral colours or have fun with brighter options.

Style #2: The Coffee Wala Date Look



No matter what the situation is, no matter how the weather is a t-shirt is always there for your rescue and is one of the few things that will never go out of fashion trend. Just like in this date look, you can get a plain tee (printed are for Kids, Men go plain) along with a matching colour analog watch. If you forgot the best colour combinations then checkout the style guide of Irrfan Khan in Piku which will give you a detailed explanation of which colour will work best and why. As we now know that wearing chinos along with t-shirt is the new trend this summer to feel style and be comfortable at the same time. I would suggest you to wear nautical t-shirt if you want to combat this summer with your t-shirt, for those of you who wonder what is nautical t-shirt, Nautical stripes should be your first choice for warm weathers. They’re fresh and a cleaner variant to your regular T-shirts and still add some distinctiveness to the look. Besides, it also apparently happens to be Ranveer Singh’s favourite summer look too. Stick to horizontal stripes for that modern, urbane appearance.

Style #3: The Casual Look



Even this is the same look as the first look ‘ The Summer Look’. The only difference is the use of half sleeves v neck t-shirt, an analog watch along with chinos would make you look perfect this summer. Chinos have been adopted as a pair for shirts but now its time to break the ice and get yourself updated just like Ranveer and get yourself the most comfortable trendy look this summer. Sneakers would be a good choice for this look, though you can experiment and share your views.

Style 4: The Hangout Look



This type of look is not new to us and we we saw it recently in the style guide of Akshay Kumar in Gabbar Is Back and of Varun Dhawan in Badlapur. Its basically wearing a plain tee, in this case it is red along with a sweatshirt. Here there seems to be an experiment done by the designer and instead of a regular blue/black jeans grey colour is experimented. A deep blue sneaker would work the best for this look. Happy hangout.

Style #5: Designer Vest Look



Its been a rare moment that I showcase a vest in my style guides but here is something interesting, Ranveer is always up with something new and this time its designer vests and I really seem to love this. I will order these pretty soon for myself. If you have not tried this out yet, then try out dude! It will be great for a pool party I guess 😛

Style #6: The Formal Party Look



Now this look is similar to the style of Saif Ali Khan in Happy Ending, for reference you can check that guide out. This look is one of the best one’s if you are going to a formal party and don’t want to look too formal. A V neck t-shirt,blazer along with the right jeans and how can I forget the analog watch. You might even get these kind of blazer at local shops which keep weeding wears at cheap prices. I saw the same blazer at local shop in New Delhi, though the quality might matter but who cares you might just need it for a few occasions.

Style #7: Formal Look



Now after having a formal only style guide of Ranbir Kapoor in Roy I am in no mood to discuss formal look any more. I need a formal break. Though you can get the style guide to grab a sneak peek into formal looks. As a tip I would say make sure you have a tie which matches your shoe colour. You might have read my previous style guides which say that girls go crazy for a man in formals and yeah I still claim it, I bet you give it a try and get a feedback.

Style #8: The Cruise Party Look



As I said I wont discuss about formal clothing so here Farhan will be ignored. Sorry Farhan. Ranveer has done something interesting here and has tried to stand apart when it comes to picking colour for your formal. I would say its a good try as I don’t think it looks bad, If I have a chance I would definitely give this look a try for a party in near future. It will highlight me among other gentleman in the party and then I will be the centre of attraction. Great idea by Ranveer, guys give it a try.

Bonus Looks: The Farhan Akhtar Style Guide



I don’t usually add bonus looks in my style guide but this time Farhan Akhtar has compelled me to do so. I have never had the oportunity to have a style guide of Farhan and this is my very moment. In this look he seems to be wearing a regular plain tee as we dicussed earlier in this style guide so as to why plain tee is the new cool. You would also notice a sacred thread on his neck, its your choice you can even have a chain.

18-minNow this is one of my personal favourite look, it seems to be a very powerful look to me. It is a look which portrays confidence in a man no matter how you look, just make sure you get this look correctly. First things first, get yourself a black V neck full sleeve t-shirt and roll it up just like Farhan has done, along with this make sure you get a dark grey or brown cargo. The idea of the look is same as of Sidharth Malhotra in Ek Villain, don’t forget to get the accessories like rudraksha,watch and some wrist bands. Done enjoy the confident look.

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