23rd Feb

Ranbir Kapoor In Roy

Its the Ranbir Kapoor effect which had made me start this fashion website around six months back. I am simply amazed by his styling from the movie Wake Up Sid and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani but to my utter dissapointement this is not what I had expected from him after a break of one year. In this movie he has only a couple of looks which amazed me but overall the intensity if quite low in terms of fashion throughout the movie. In the movie Ranbir plays role of a thief but the looks from the movie never made me think so. The only look which I appreciate is the Rugged look from the movie that’s the reason why I have placed it on top of the list while rest of the looks have nothing new in them but you can still try them if you like them.

Style #1: The Rugged Look


This look features Bollywood hunk Kapoor, who is seen sporting a rugged look. Tu Hai Ki Nahi is the song track in which Ranbir Kapoor will be seen riding a limited edition Hardley Davidson bike where he is in search of his love which was shot in Langkawi. The look gets quite well with the perfect mixture of clothing and a limited edition bike. Even though many of us cant afford the limited edition but the look is still what we can achieve. All you need for this look is a winter cap,t-shirt,jacket and a chino which you can get at your nearest marketplace this holi season.

Style #2: The Outdoor Look


The outdoor look is the most preferable one and has been trending this season. It is a pretty decent look which involves the use of a plain white tee along with a mandarin collar jacket and a deep blue or back jeans.This is the most comfortable and stylish look and will be in everyone’s budget. This look can be used for occasion which involve people in large scale like a semi formal party. Try to avoid this look while hangout with buddies rather I would insist you to prefer this look when you go out on a date, this look will make you look smart and attractive.

Style #3: The Casual Look


The casual look is easy to get look which has a mixture of a white shirt, pullover and a leather jacket. This look would be great for hangout with buddies this chilly winter. To match the look I would suggest you to go for a black jeans. If you have not got the same colour pullover then make sure that you use matching colour jeans.

Style #4: The Regular Look


Its the common white shirt look which is highlighted again in the movie. Its basically the best set of clothing for any occasion as it is an evergreen look and can help you get the classy look without much effort. It can be kept as a backup option for emergency cases. If you are new to this look then just in a form of recap I would like to describe the look to you, this look has a base of a casual shirt along with a chino(Jeans can be preferred) and of course a belt.

Style #5: The Winter Look


As described by Ranbir in the movie this is the tourist look for this chilled season, a shirt,pullover,belt and a perfect chino along with an analog watch would be a great combination. It is not everyday that you come across such looks in movies but this look has been promoted well by ranbir and would suite anyone and I can bet on it.One thing worth noticing is that the colour of trouser is kept in the same shade as of the pullover, so the next time you try this pullover and trouser look pay attention to colour, it should be of same shade. This look will be simple yet classy at the same time, there is nothing fancy in this look so it can be said as a semi formal look.

Style #6: The Casual Look


There is nothing new in this look but the reason I have included this look in the style guide is because along with a aplain white tee, Ranbir has used a mandarin collar leather jacket unlike the traditional jackets.The mandarin jackets are in fashion and is trending from the starting of the year, the add an extra amount of style to your look without compromising on anything. You should prefer only jeans along with this look as a chino would be the worst preference here. To be more precise dont spoil the look with a chino instead go for jeans.

Style #7: The ‘Suite Up’ Look


These looks are what people go crazy for especially women, yaa seriously! According to women, men look more appealing when they wear formal clothing plus these type of formal look adds a great style quotient for Men. You get a great feel when you wear such kind of formal clothing which is mostly of confidence. This suite is a premium suite and you can this only from a good fashion designer. A white tee is used along with this look and proves to be a good choice by the fashion designer form the movie.If you wonder which colour trouser is used with this look then there is only one advice that make sure the trouser colour matches the colour of suite.This look is very appealing for any formal events, for corporate parties this look should be your first priority.

Style #8: The GentleMan Looks


Its a must wear for Men who are working in MNCs, this look can be used as a daily one as this makes the persons personality outsmart all the other co-workers. Just widen your creativity and imagination and think which colours will suite you for these shirt and you are done to make a grand entry in the Office or simply blow others mind with your killer looks.



As you can see the shirt remains same in both the case instead the blazer changes plus in the second look you can see that a pullover is worn over the shirt and over which the blazer is used, a formal black trouser would just be great for this look.If you still dont have a blazer then you should consider buying this blazer as this would be very useful for office use or any meeting or even any formal event. This look proves to be an all rounder so you better get this ready in your wardrobe.


The movie is stuffed with more formal looks than the regular casual looks of Ranbir. Though this style guide is not up to the mark if we consider the fashion done by Ranbir in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani but this it has some decent looks to give a try, it also has my personal favourite The Rugged Look. The movie proved out to be nothing but pure disappointment but the style guide still has some great looks. Most of the looks from the movie are easy to get looks and I don’t think it might be a problem getting the clothing except some designer pieces. The designer styles have a list of designers whom you can contact on twitter if you want to have the exact one. Hope you liked the looks from the movie and dont forget to like us on facebook using the box below to stay updated with our latest style guides.

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