30th May

Ranbir Kapoor In Bombay Velvet

Ranbir Kapoor is back again with his yet another formal clothing style guide via Bombay Velvet. It seems that Ranbir is influenced by the international fashion blogs for men who portray good looks mostly with the help of formal looks. A style guide which has all its look as formal is something hard to imagine from Bollywood movie's point of view.  Its a pretty good style guide when it comes to dressing the formal way. This style guide is basically for those who want the gentleman look from the movie. This style guide will help you styling on occasion such as office party, meeting, conference etc. The outfits are not much in favour of the scorching summer we have right now but if you do a little bit tweak on the fabric side then you wont find it uncomfortable.

Style #1: The Agent Look

The true custom option and the highest expression of sartorial craftsmanship and quality. Unlike a made to measure suit, which is cut from a pre-existing pattern, a bespoke suit uses a pattern that is unique to the individual. It is truly your own personal pattern. The term ‘bespoke’ comes from the days when a tailor had bolts of cloth and the client would choose a particular cloth. That cloth was then said to have “been spoken for.” Bespoke suits are generally completely handmade, though depending on the program, machines may play a role at some point in the process.

There really is nothing like a bespoke suit. Custom clothing is an entirely different experience in terms of fit, quality, and feel. However, you pay a premium for that level of suiting; and for good reason. Budget-wise, bespoke is not for everyone. If you can afford it, do it. You definitely won’t regret it.

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Style #2: The Summer Blazer Look


The unofficial start of summer means it’s time to begin thinking about dressing for warmer temperatures. A simple way to look dapper in the heat involves losing the blazer, wearing a waistcoat solo, and rolling up your sleeves a bit. Here’s some inspiration.

A waistcoat is the most versatile part of any three-piece suit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: add one whenever you are buying a suit and have the chance. You won’t regret it. If you don’t think you’ll wear a three-piece suit that much, you will get some milage out of the waistcoat. In the summer, it often becomes something of a “sleeveless” blazer for me.

Roll your sleeves up to beat the heat and add a casual touch. My preferred sleeve roll is a two-step process. One big roll of the cuff up just past my elbow, then doubling up so the second roll just lets a bit of the cuff show.

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While there are many ways to stay dapper in warmer weather, transitioning to lighter and more breathable fabrics is one of the key elements. Here’s a look that uses a couple pieces with a lightweight linen-cotton blend. I hate the heat. And I’m also not a huge fan of shorts, unless I’m lounging around the pool or on the beach somewhere. I prefer to stay tailored, which is why I choose my spring and summer fabrics wisely. You might not think of a double-breasted blazer as a warm weather option, but in the right fabric, you’d never know the difference.

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3-compressed (1)

The only reason why I showcased this look is its uniqueness, I have never seen any other actor try such a great look. Its basically black which domainates the wardrobe collection but its this look which portrays the actaul power of white clothing. It’s no secret that we are fans of white around here. Despite what you may have heard, it knows no season and can be worn all year round, especially springtime. Its an incredible gentleman look and is highly recommended if you ever want to attend a party of any event. Its very unique and I am sure even you would have become a fan of this look. Its time you change your thinking on old colour trends and just let white colour clothing make your Gentlemen look colourful without any colour.One of the best things about white clothing is that there aren’t many shoes that it won’t pair with. If you’ve got a pair of shoes that you have trouble styling, try them on with some white denim. Chances are you’ll easily be able to make them work.

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What’s the best way to throw something on that looks put together but doesn’t go overboard? One of the simplest solutions is to combine casual and tailored elements. I like to call it sharp casual, but you might also consider it being “casually tailored.” Here’s one way to do it that will work any day of the week.

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A great look to end this style guide. This is the innovative corporate look, this look helps you understand how to mix and match different blazer with different trouser. A vest is something common with every blazer look instead of a shirt which is something to notice. This a very simple look to obtain and thus can be used on many of the occasions. The only problem with the use of a vest here is that your body needs to be really very fit to make this look appealing which is not the case for most of us so think twice before you get this type of look.

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A waistcoat instantly dresses up a pair of slim denim and adds depth to a look, not to mention an extra layer of insulation, which is important during the winter/spring transition. Get the most out of a winter-weight fabric like tweed by finding ways to appropriate separates seasonally.

The formality (or lack thereof) of any outfit is defined in large part by the type of collar on your shirt. Banded collar notwithstanding, a button-down collar is the most casual option and a great choice when wearing tailored elements without a tie.

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Now this is what I call classy, it feels so classy when you have this look, it can basically resemble to a look in my Kill Dill style guide by Ranveer Singh. It will add great values to your look and its for sure people around you will admire you for your great clothing sense.A wayfarer,`metal strip watch and the designer clothing. I dont think this designer blazer and shirt would be available to you by online fashion stores, so better opt for local stores maybe you might end up with this one.

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