1st Jan

Men’s Guide To Jeans| 8 Essential Tips To Buy Quality Jeans

There were times I just landed on the shopping website or even offline stores to buy Jeans while I did not understand which one will suite me the best. Trust me I have been a victim of bad dressing since a long time, I have tried everything from baggy jeans to skinny ones, just because I did not knew which one suites me the best, for me the image of Jeans was just Jeans I never knew that there were types of Jeans which fit you the best.

I used to look at the images of models wearing those and just order it without having a second thought that will these fit me. But later on when I tried every set of Jeans I had understood my perfect fit. My fit was the slim fit denim, but back then I never knew that and was just randomly flipping various products online not knowing there are many parameters to look for when you buy a denim.

To help you out with the issue and eradicate the time you might lose with the try and test method I have outlined the 8 ways you can easily understand which denim you should have and which ones you should not in your wardrobe.

1. Fit: Types of Fit and Uses


Slim Fit:

Slim Fit


  • Most preferable type of Jeans world wide.
  • Not too tight, not too loose.
  • Generally mid-rise with a zip fly.
  • Straight through the hip, slim through the thigh with a narrower leg opening.
  • This is the one which is overall not skin hugging and not super loose.
  • Fits you in the right way with a little amount of ease, usually between 1-2″ after bifurcation.





Regular Fit


  • Straight leg jeans, generally with a mid-rise.
  • The trouser leg falls straight from the knee to hem, with a fairly large leg opening.
  • Straight through hip and thigh.
  • It is usually termed as the straight fit, this is the fit that brands identify themselves with.
  • It’s not only about the fit(mostly its straight with a tapered hem) but also the other value addition used in the product, like probably some special kind of rivets, or a button fly.





Skinny Fit


  • The latest addition to the jeans family, this style is a tighter fit with a tapered leg opening.
  • Generally low to mid-rise with a zipper fly.
  • Skinny from hip to hem.
  • The skinny fit tapers completely at the bottom of the leg with a small bottom opening and is tight fit which usually sticks to the body.
  • It is suitable for people who are slim and in good shape.





Narrow Fit


  • A Narrow leg jean, the way we interpret it, means reduced fullness at the knee and bottom opening. That’s it.
  • There is no fit which is called narrow, slim fits may be called narrow, and they are the pants which are around 2″ wider at your thigh than your thigh girth and 1″-1.4″ wider at your knee than your knee girth
  • Narrow doesn’t affect the waist, seat, crotch, or thigh. Only the knee and bottom opening of the jean.
  • But narrow jeans are not a trend, they’ve been in style for decades. They are certainly not as widely accepted as straight leg, but they’re still in the classic family.


2. Size: Explanation

Size Chart

I know quite a few people who face difficulty buying Jeans online and the most common reason is size. I wonder do you never see the chart the offer at the websites? Every ecommerce store in India has a space next to product with the size chart, use that bro.

If you still are in a doubt about the size dont worry you even get product replacement guarantee to change the size, you just need to contact the customer support of the respective website from which you bought the product.

Just remember your waist size and you are done, no need to remember the inseam and outseam length.

3. Baggy Jean’s vs Skinny fit

Baggy vs Skinny Jeans

Baggy Jeans was the traditional trend which is now overtaken by Slim Fit/Skinny Jeans. If you look at the stats of Jeans in market then more than 70% have Slim Fit Jeans.

Baggy Jeans are still preferred by some but it is to retro and its time to upgrade if you are still wearing those baggy jeans.

You have more varieties to choose from nowadays and this Guide to Jeans will give you the most comprehensive look into the type of Jeans you would look the best.

4. Colour: Dark vs Light

Denim Trends

Colour is the most integral part of deciding which Jeans to buy and so you get a few basic choices.

Light,Dark Blue Denim and Black Denim are the most popular colour bought by Men while with the increase in the desire of men to look stylish there are introduction of colours like Beige and Brown, while these were the preferred colour of chinos especially the Beige chino but its now time to experiment with the Denims colours section.

I dont prefer the light shades of blue so I have the Dark Blue Denim along with Black Denim for my regular use in my wardrobe. The idea of Beige Denim is good but it will be a dirt magnet due to light shade so I dropped the idea of getting and that is the sole reason why I avoid light shades.

Also dark shades will make you look slimmer than lighter shades, so the choice is yours.


5. Folding Jeans From Bottom

Slim Fit

  • Folding Jeans has a great impact on your height.
  • The fact you can determine how you want to show people as, if you are a short guy I advice you not to fold your Jeans else if you are an extra tall guy then fold it brother.
  • When people fold jeans at the bottom it makes them look shorter.
  • If you want to look taller then its advised not to fold the denim and let it overlap over your shoes.
  • I prefer to wear a sneaker or brown boots with denims.

6. Quality:Type of thread and buttons

You can determine a genuine or fake product by looking at the quality of thread on the denim. There should be no loose thread  and even look for no overlapping of thread, never buy the product with overlapping thread. Buttons should have the name of the company of Jeans.

If there is nothing written over the Jeans then either it is a cheap denim or a fake one and never get a fake one as it will compromise your comfort. It might even get a hole near the crotch area because the threading is weak and might make you feel embarrassed if it happens in public places.

7. Budget: Expensive vs Cheap

If you wonder what is the best budget to get a denim, is it good to buy expensive or a cheap one? The answer is none. Mid ranged Jeans are the budget denims which you should look at. The expensive one are for example of Gas while Cheaper one is of NewPort, the difference between these branded is the quality.

Gas mostly used stretched fabric while NewPort uses 100% cotton and there lies the difference so look for brands which have stretched fabric along with cotton and are not too expensive too.

8. Brand: Recommendations

Levi’s Jeans : The oldest and preferred brand for Denims

Wrangler : The Budget and Quality Denim Brand

Roadster and Wrogn : I use these two, they make each denim with different fabric so if you spot any denim with stretch fabric then better go for these as these are the budget denim brand and you should steal the deal.

Thanks For Reading.

Styling You,

Shivank Shankar