5th May

Irrfan Khan In Piku

Its not on a regular basis that you get a hold on style guide which features Irrfan Khan for style and fashion. Irrfan Khan is not a person who would have a die hard following when it comes to fashion but with his role in the rom-com movie ‘Piku’ he has been certified stylish with his fresh and innovative looks,rather than his normal looks of a tough guy which we see in most of his movies. The movie Piku portrays Irrfan Khan’s character as a Cab driver which you will make out from some of the looks but in no way has the costume designer compromised on the style statement throughout the film. The movie is based on a road trip and thus has a great package of new,trendy and fresh fashion which can help anyone planning for a road trip sooner or later. This style guide can be considered a bible of all the trending looks you have watched in bollywood movies. Its a collection of hand picked trendy looks from various Style Guide featured on I Like That Look, the only modification done in these looks is the use of different colour combinations. The looks can be seen influenced by Muffler Man aka. Arvind Kejriwal with the use of muffler every now and then by Irrfan. There are the best six looks from the movie which are portrayed in this style guide starting from the ‘Trendy Muffler Look’ to Party, Travel,Hangout and Formal Look.

Style #1: The Trendy Muffler Look


Now this is something different from what you usually see in style guides. If you are a regular reader then you will be well aware of the denim jacket trend but if you are not then you are at a great fashion risk. The use of denim jacket has been seen to be quite influential and has been followed by Bollywood in almost every movie which you will observe if you checkout the past style guides. The use of Denim Jackets and Denim Shirts have been highlighted in almost every movie because it is the top trend in fashion for men right now and will help you enhance your wardrobe collection,  but a denim jacket is useless if you dont follow the layers concept correctly. To get a perfect profile picture for facebook you will need to wear a denim jacket over a t-shirt, now there is no hard and fast rule that the t-shirt should be a regular tee in fact it would be great if you will experiment it with a mandarin collar t-shirt. Dont wear a vest below it and just make sure you unbutton the top one. Yeah! That’s Classy. Dont forget to get rid of chest hair if you can, otherwise just flaunt it with pride 😛 Now the use of colour combination is very important thus listed below is the order in which you can choose your combination,  the first one rated the highest and the last one, lowest.

Blue and White >Blue and Black >Blue and Grey >Blue and Red >Blue and Orange>Blue and Green > Blue and Coral > Blue and Neutrals 

This will make sure you don’t make mistake while selecting the perfect colour combination for your t-shirt and denim jacket combination. The look has been customised with the use of a muffler scarf and is not what we see on regular basis but is a good move by Irrfan to promote the use of muffler and make a new trend. This look would work the best if you have plans to visited any hill station or any other cold trip this summer, otherwise if you deduct the muffler scarf from the look then it would work quite well any way.



A dark blue jeans would be a good choice which will get along the look, apart from this a wayfarer is must. There are certain rules while picking up the right sunglasses for you. Do You Know It? The shape of your face determines which type of style would work the best for you. Wayfarers work the best on almost every face i.e it has a probability to work on 8 people out of 10 while an aviator would work only on 6 people out of 10. It is very important to understand which one will suite you best and then buy it. Click Here to know how to select the best one for styling.

Style #2: The Party Look


The outdoor look is the most preferable one and has been trending this season. It is a pretty decent look which involves the use of a plain tee along with a mandarin collar white jacket and a chino.T-Shirt+Jacket+Chino is the most liked style according to a recent survey, there no fixed rules when it comes to testing the colour combination on this trio but you allways have some guidelines which are 1. Follow the layers colour combination concept. 2. Make sure your belt colour matches your shoes colour.  3. If you are not comfortable with the chino colour go for the jeans at your rescue.This is the most comfortable and stylish look and will be in everyone’s budget. This look can be used for occasion which involve people in large scale like a semi formal party. Try to wear this look when you go out on a date or even hangouts, this look will make you look smart and attractive.A white running sports shoes will be a great choice here. This look is one of the best hangout look, you can wear this look for parties, travel, hangout etc. This look will project how much fashionable are you and will you will be complemented by many for sure. This look is the most important of all as it is classy and fresh at the same time and I highly recommend you to get this as soon as possible, its a must have look which defines that comfort is possible with fashion.

Style #3: The Travel Look



Irrfan Khan plays the role of a cab driver in the movie and this very looks like his driving uniform but there are a lot of things to learn from this look, if you change the colour combination and experiment then you would know that this look is cool and effective at the same time, it can be styled for any occasion as its a mixture of regular stuffs like a wayfarer,mandarin T-shirt, Dark Jeans and Running Sports Shoe. A regular travel bag is accompanied along unlike the use of Duffle bug in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein by Imran Khan. Adding an Analog wrist watch will enhance the look, avoid the use of digital watches as they are in trend no more and I don’t see any scope of digital watches trending any soon. The only reason why this look is the best one is that the use of colour combination for the different products which are used, If you follow this colour combination seriously then there is no reason for anyone to not compliment you for your looks.  If you manage to get the colour combination correct then this look would be the perfect one if you want to travel on the go.

Style #4: The Hangout Look


Ordinary looks are ordinary because everyone has seen this look on one person or the other and I believe that even this look has its own importance. Its a look which you can consider only after having a girlfriend/wife and not at all before it, this look wont make you attractive at all and that’s the only reason why it is an ordinary look. The layers concept is used quite well in this look, a plain tee over which a casual shirt along with a black analogue watch and blue jeans. A dark coloured sports shoes is the only best option for this look. Nothing new in the look but a reminder of the use of layers concept, just make sure the very next dp of yours will be having an effective layers concept which you will be proud to display.

Style #5: The Casual Look


Casual looks play a very important role in everyone’s life and so does it in a movie.It is a balance of all the looks as it is attractive,elegant,comfortable and at the same time affordable to give a shot. This look is just a causal look provided that there is use of elegant colours. The look seems to be inspired from the movie Gabbar is Back but with a little tweak, instead of wearing a regular tee here a polo has be displayed which highlights us the use of polo t-shirts which are back. The designer wants to display that even a polo sweatshirt combo can do wonders and not only the regular tee sweatshirt combo. The look seems pretty casual to me and wont make you attractive at all. This look would be good as a day to day wear as portrayed in the movie, but can also be used to go for nearby hangouts at malls,movies etc with friends, after all it is a casual look.Its the best back up look you can have when you lack time for a unplanned .


Style #6: The Formal Look


These looks are what people go crazy for especially women, yaa seriously! According to women, men look more appealing when they wear formal clothing plus these type of formal look adds a great style quotient for Men. You get a great feel when you wear such kind of formal clothing which is mostly of confidence. One thing to keep in mind is that the colour of waistcoat should match the colour of tie. Its a must wear for Men who are working in MNCs, this look can be used as a daily one as this makes the persons personality outsmart all the other co-workers. A deep blue Blazer along with any formal shirt(white is usually prefered) can be your next experiment, try using differernt coloured formal shirts. Match a trousers(same colour as blazer) along with this and you are set to get this fantastic look which will be appreciated by everyone for sure. Just widen your creativity and imagination and think which colours will suite you for these shirt and blazer and trouser and you are done to make a grand entry in the Office or simply blow others mind with your killer looks.

Make sure you checkout our last weeks style guide Akshay Kumar In Gabbar Is Back. So this marks the end of style guide for the movie Piku starring Irrfan Khan. Irrfan Khan has proved to be a good style icon with his inspiring looks from the movie, I urge you to try out all the looks from the movie and share with me about your experience personally at shivank[at]ilikethatlook.com . If you think that I have missed any look which was worth having here then don’t forget to tell me on my email.There has been a collection of great looks ranging from Muffler Look to Formal Look hence there is a need to summarize the post, thus I list down my personal favourites from the movie i.e The Trendy Muffler Look,Party Look and The Formal Look. I would like to request you to bookmark this very style guide for future styling reference as it has a good collection of best looks from all other style guides compiled and presented in the form of one style guide. Hope that this style guide will help you understand the trending fashion in Bollywood for Men and help you enhance your fashion sense in a creative and innovative way. There are more style and fashion guides waiting in the queue, one of them is the style guide of Ranbir Kapoor in Bombay Velvet comes next week so you better keep visiting to get updates of latest Men’s fashion tips. If you like this style guide then don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media website’s by using the sharing buttons below and don’t forget to like us on facebook by using the below facebook like box.