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Hrithik Roshan In Bang Bang

5..4..3..2..1 Bang Bang. Its Hrithik Roashan back in action with his latest Bollywood flick ‘Bang Bang’. Its a much awaited movie which is released on the same day when Haider is released. Bang Bang has many action packed looks which will add style quotient to your fashion. In this style guide I will explain around 5 looks from the movie which is worth giving a try according to me. The looks used in the movie are easy ones and to apply these looks I don’t think you might find any difficulty. Bang Bang has a collection of great looks and the credit goes to Anaita Shroff for designing the looks of Hrithik for the movie. If you want to buy the exact same products you can even visit your nearest Pantaloon storefor the Pantaloon Bang Bang collection.

Style #1: The Casual Look


The first look showcased here is the casual one, I know people are quite excited about the looks from the movie but due to some problem this guide is posted with some delay. This look is the boy next door look its a mixture of style along with great colours. The colours used here have a perfect blend to enhance your look. This look is not a new one, its just Hrithik who has revived the this kind of casual look with the movie. This look bascially involves the use of a jacket over the t-shirt. It’s basically a sweatshirt which I have tagged as Jacket in the image above, hope you understand the error I have made. As an accessory a locket is used, there is no compulsion in ths case you can use any kind of locket, unless and until you are a hardcore hrithik fan. The t-shirt used here is an old one as we can see that the colours are not clearly visible, it is a white t-shirt with a pattern which has been used for a long time and after many washes the colours have faded and now this is what the current condition is. So I suggest you dont buy a new t-shirt instead just use your old -t-shirt for now.

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The sweatshirt on the other hand is what can be changed, this one is even good but you can try other colours with your sweatshirt. I am not conserned about the sweatshirt here, I am concered here about the style used for this look and to make this discussion short I will say that its the use of a sweatshirt along with a t-shirt(old) and a jeans along with a locket. This is what I expect from you to understand and buy for this Diwali shopping. This look will be a trendy look thats all I can say.

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Style #2: The Tough Look


This look is a tought look and if we keep the gun aside, this look will suite almost everyone. This is a dynamic look as it has the best blend of clothing and accessory. There is no point to not try this look. The base of this look is the use of layers concept and jeans and to enchance the look an aviator and jacket is used. Winter has come so I will personally recommend this look and say that this look will be the most appealing look this season. Try this look without giving any thought and for sure you will get noticed among the crowd as this look will also enhance your personality. There is use of a full sleeve t-shirt over  a regular round neck t-shirt with a design pattern and over them is a Jacket adding the tough look. This tough look will go waste if you don’t wear the aviator and the rugged jeans.

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Style #3: The Appealing Look


There is seriouly nothing in this look worth describing apart from the great built of Hrithik but my only motive to show this look to you is the use of white jeans, if you dont have white jeans then its high time you buy them. Bollywood Stars seems to love white jeans and has been using them in many of my style guide in the past. So from this look I just want to remind you that you better but a White Jeans if you want to enhance you fashion sense.

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Style #4: The Romeo Look


This look is what I call the romeo look, It will suite you best if you have got those muscles to show. Its recommened for those who are fit and would like to flaunt their muscles. This look is a great look and to acheive this all you need is a vest and along with it is a sleeveless jacket, not nehru jacket. I am sorry for the error in the image above. A band on wrist and a locket would be great accessory. To make the best out of this look get yourself a white jeans which I mentioned in the previous look.

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Style #5: The Outdoor Look


This look has been in trend from Akshay Kumar’s movie Holiday.It has been also used by Varun Dhawan and Salman Khan in their recent movie so just a reminder to all my loyal fashion readers. This is a great look to manage within a limited budget, it has style plus comfort at the same time. Not much discussion for this look is possible now but its recommended to give this look a try if you have not as this is a great look which will continue to be in trend. There is not much difficulty in getting this look if you need any help email me.

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So that’s it, here I end this style guide. I hope that this guide will be usefull to a lot of people out there who are Hrithik fan. I regret for the delay to get this style guide ready but here it is, ready for your Diwali week. I would just like to tell you that all the products showcased in these looks are not the exact product they are the best possible replica which is avaialble on all the online stores. In the near future I do plan to give you the exact replica but for now I want you all to bare with me and buy the products I recommend. I am happy for your support.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

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