Grooming Tips For Men

Grooming is the most integral part of Men’s fashion but unfortunately it has been taken for granted by most of  the men. If you are not used to the term male grooming then I would like to describe it as the techniques used to trim or remove your facial hair in a clean fashion to meet the desired alpha male standards. It is believed that facial hair have the capability to portray your personality in one go.  I believe that there are various phases of facial hair, when you are in your college life your facial hair are just trying to break free and grab as much area of your skin as possible thus having a clean shave at this age is totally recommended, its later believed that the more age you acquire most probably between 25-35 is when you should start styling your facial hair.


When you are below 25 you should instead have a clean shave every week and trim the stubble once every week, in that way your skin will stay fit and healthy.  But if your age is above 25 then I have a few sins which every guy make and if you avoid these it will make you look more attract.

Beards and Moustache:


The best thing about grooming is it can help you analyse any guy just by looking at the negative signals received by looking at his face for example if you not do grooming for a while, people can easily draw a conclusion that you are not one of those hygienic person and do not take shower regularly. Beard trimming is one of the most integral part of trimming your face, make sure you level your facial hair every time to look good.

Poorly Groomed Stubble:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.39.49 pm

According to recent study its believed that the better stubble you have the more attraction you possess for the opposite gender. I personally beleive that its pretty difficult to shave during winter and I totally support the cause but you can definately groom the stubble with clippers. You should always make sure that the stubble is never out of your control. Just try to maintain as a look with groomed stubble and you will gradually feel confident with your look but remember to not let it grow for weeks.


No Wild Eyebrows:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.42.55 pmEyebrows are the part of face which indicate or express the  emotions running in your mind at the very moment. If you want to know the importance of eyebrow then try to imagive a guy without any eyebrow. Just kidding , it will suck. But a simple logic for no eyebrows is that it indicates aggression in that human. As we know people often just you on the very first glance they have on you and you portraying yourself as aggressive can harm your relations with people.

Nose Hair

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.46.09 pmNow this problem even annoys me all the time and is one of the biggest problem for tall guys, you will need to buy  a special trimmer for this but as of now I manage it with the use of scissor. Yeah thats me, cheap tips. Once you are conscious about your nose hair you will not feel confident talking to people and thus you should trim it the moment you see it.Guys, remember: the taller you are, the more people are looking up your nose instead of at it. That means tall guys especially need to be vigilant about their nose hairs.


Ear Hair

The general rule of thumb for both nose and ear hairs is straightforward: the ends shouldn’t be visible.Trim them back until they’re not. That means trimming the hairs off inside the rim of the relevant opening, but you don’t have to go any deeper than that. And with ears especially, you don’t want to — just trim the tips and call it a day.

Hair cut

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.48.00 pmGuys with hairy backs will want to make sure their hairs aren’t creeping up to join the nape, or worse yet to be visible above the collar but below a naked, shaven strip of skin. You will definately take one week to get hairy neck just after haircut. To get rid of this excess hair just use a pair of clippers or just use a razor under the direction of your roommate or you might even ask him to do it for you. The basic idea is to maintain a good proportion of hair between front and the back


Grooming is incomplete if you are not aware of the basics which are needed to style.

Sense of style. Clothes that fit well, and which are clean, neatly ironed and smell good are very important. Don’t recycle clothes that have been chucked into your laundry basket because you have run out of clean, ironed clothes. You won’t fool anyone with that trick! The fit also is very important to looking good. It’s no use wearing expensive shirts and branded trousers if you’ve got the fit wrong. People will only notice that your clothes are hanging on you or alternatively, are too tight for you.

Shiny shoes. Men are judged by their shoes. If you don’t know this yet, you’ve obviously no idea about the typical standards used to judge men. If you are wearing formal shoes, make sure they’re not scuffed and dirty. They should be polished and shiny. Casual shoes should also be clean and avoid tattered shoes at all costs!

Smell good. Don’t go overboard and douse yourself with strong smelling perfume, after using strong smelling toiletries, but pick one cologne and stick with it. Don’t use different smelling soaps, lotions and then apply cologne because the scents could mix badly resulting in a weird smelling mish-mash on you. Don’t ever go cheap when buying perfume. Not only might it react badly with your skin, but also it can never smell as good as the original. Also, never ever try to disguise body odor with cologne. It’s the worst thing you could possibly do! Have a shower instead.

Get in the shower. The basic step to staying clean and smelling good even without any cologne. This is a step you are not allowed to miss because it’s as simple as water, shower and towel. So whether you’ve just come back from the gym, woken up, or are going for a party – shower!

Keep your hands clean. Women notice nice hands and hands play a make-or-break role in business meetings because of the importance of a handshake. Cut and file your nails regularly and also make sure that they don’t have any residue of food or dirt stuck in them. Keep a nail clipper, file and other items you might need in the shower so that you can save time needed to do this. Wash your hands frequently and especially after a meal because smelly and sweaty hands are the biggest turn off. Also use a bit of hand lotion on them to prevent your hands resembling tough hide.

Don’t be shaggy. Since hair grows regularly, you have to always keep a check on when your ear, nose, chest hair needs a trim. It’s best to trim hair from these parts at least once a week. Also shampoo and condition your hair everyday. Of course if you have long hair, maybe alternate days would be fine, but never let your hair look greasy and straggly.

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