Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best part about blogging?
The feedback I get from my readers on a daily basis and hearing about how the blog has inspired them is the most rewarding aspect for me.

What’s the hardest part about blogging?
Balance. I feel an intense responsibility to continue providing my readers with great content. Knowing how to balance that with my regular life and other commitments is always something I am working on. Sometimes it’s hard to just turn it off.

How does I Like That Look make money?
I Like That Look is monetized through a variety of revenue streams, including brand partnerships, sponsored posts, affiliate commissions, and banner advertising. Our business model can be found here.

How To Get A Product Which I Like In The Style Guide?

1) First step is to find the name of costume designer in the style guide and click on the name, as shown in the image below.



2)Once you open twitter make sure you sign in or in case you don’t have an account then sign up on twitter.Once you login twitter then you will see the profile of costume designer just like shown below. Click on the ‘Tweet to XYZ‘ button on the left side.2


3) Type The Message as shown in the image below and dont forget to attach an image of look along with the message and click on tweet button below the message.3


Can I write a post for your blog?

Thanks so much for your interest, but I am not accepting guest writing.

Can we collaborate? What’s your policy for working with brands?
I am always open to collaborating with outstanding brands and businesses whose products and values are consistent with the voice and tone of the blog. However, I am extremely selective with the brands I will partner with. For me, it is always quality over quantity. Please click here if you are interested in discussing a partnership arrangement.