17th Aug

Emraan Hashmi In Raja Natwarlal

Its has been quite a while since the last fashion guide was posted, so finally its Emraan Hashmi in the movie Raja Natwarlal who has quite a few looks which will enhance your fashion sense as well as help your wardrobe get the magic Emraan looks. In this movie Emraan Hashmi plays the role of a conman and to make this look appealing designer Rick Roy has used dozens of colours in the look which makes no sense to me but still its kind of a new idea which he got from tweets of fans. This weeks guide has a collection of looks having some of casual looks along with formal and those crazy funky looks. The movie has a great blend of funky looks along with a great designer collection. Most of the clothing was beyond my reach like the funky shirt which was worn by Emraan in most of the looks but still I have managed to get some of it so do give it a try as there are great chances of people liking these colourful shirts which go quite well with a normal Jeans.

Style #1 : The Casual Look


Its the common white shirt look which is highlighted again in the movie. Its basically the best set of clothing for any occasion as it is an evergreen look and can help you get the classy look without much effort. It can be kept as a backup option for emergency cases. If you are new to this look then just in a form of recap I would like to describe the look to you, this look has a base of a casual shirt along with a chino(Jeans can be preferred) and of course a belt. The bracelet effect is still in fashion as it can be seen in the image above. Bracelet also adds that conman look plus gives a style statement so it would be great if you are willing to get these bracelet.

Get This Look: Men’s Solid Casual Shirt by Status Quo, Silver Bracelet by Peora Sterling, Belt by SkyWays , Regular Fit Men’s Trousers by Good Karma.

Style #2 : The Outdoor Look


This one is one of the best looks from the movie it gives you the college guy feel who loves to hangout. This is one among those looks which I personally recommend if you are a college guy. Its yet again those denim jacket which add that extra effect to the look. The use of denim has been promoted by bollywood in almost every movie now. As a refereence I would like you to see the look of Varun Dhawan wearing a denim jacket in the movie. Its your duty to get a denim jacket if you dont have it yet. A black vest gets quite well along with this denim but as an alternative one can also use a black v neck t-shirt. Any regular black belt would be great along with those aviators. Thats it! get your old jeans or buy online those blue jeans to complete the look.Just for information sake I would like to highlight that other accessories which are included in this look are Firoza bracelets, quirky leather strings and multi-coloured beads which are bought from Dharmashala.

Get This Look:  Aviator Sunglasses by Joe Black,  Men’s Vest by ONN, Men’s Denim Jacket by Zovi, Belt by SkyWays, Skinny Fit Men’s Jeans by U.S.Polo.Assn.






Its yet another red shirt in trend as seen in other movies like Kick and Main Tera Hero. Its quite an appealing look which blends quite well with any dark coloured jeans like in this case is a black jeans. There is nothing much to explain about this look but its my duty to help you explore new fashion so this party shirt is a good one if you want to experiment this on yourself, A red shirt is not what people mostly wear so this red shirt would help you stand out of the crowd.You should wear black bracelts with this look, the ones used in the movie Ek Villain by Siddharth Malhotra.

Get This Look: Men’s Solid Casual Shirt by Monteil & Munero,  Skinny Fit Men’s Jeans by John Players.

Style #3 : The Formal Look


These looks are what people go crazy for especially women, yaa seriously! According to women, men look more appealing when they wear formal clothing plus these type of formal look adds a great style quotient for Men. You get a great feel when you wear such kind of formal clothing which is mostly of confidence. One thing to keep in mind is that the colour of waistcoat should match the colour of tie. Its a must wear for Men who are working in MNCs, this look can be used as a daily one as this makes the persons personality outsmart all the other co-workers. A waistcoat along with any formal shirt can be your next experiment, try using differernt coloured formal shirts along with various other formal shirt and get that proper tie and that it after you wear you wear trousers you are done you get this fantastic look which will be appreciated by everyone for sure. Just widen your creativity and imagination and think which colours will suite you for these shirt and waistcoat and tie and you are done to make a grand entry in the Office or simply blow others mind with your killer looks.

 Get This Look:  Single Breasted Solid Men’s Waistcoat by Mr Button,  Solid Casual Shirt by People Men’s,  Solid Men’s Tie by Winsome Deal.


A formal suite is what you obviously expect when formal clothing is used in the movie so here is the formal look which Emraan Hashmi uses to get the gentleman look and strike those business deal and con people.

Get This Look :  Tuxedo Solid Men’s Suit by English Channel



Despite having two formal looks from the movie I was tempted to add this one this suite gives you the royal black suite feel. Its not a new look but still I think this look is worth having a look at, it is great look for formal occasions like meetings,party or any official event.

Get This Look:  Tuxedo Solid Men’s Suit by English Channel


Though the image wont give you a clear idea but I just love the use of nehru jacket along with a formal shirt which I wanted to share with you all. Its quite fascinating look which gives you a competitve look, of cource this look is looking that great due to the use of aviator which enhances the feel of this look. From my end this look is highly recommended and you should give this look a shot all you need to do is grab your set of Nehru jacket which matches your Formal Shirt which in most cases is a Formal White Shirt. A trouser would blend quite well with this look but still if you have any more ideas for the bottom wear then please drop by your comment below and I will alter this guide with your ideas and for sure give you the credit because as of now I am not getting any ideas.

Get This LookSleeveless Solid Men’s Jacket by English Channel, Men’s Solid Casual Shirt by Status Quo, Aviator Sunglasses by Joe Black.

Style #4 : The Funky Look


This brings us to the funky look category, this movie has a bunch of funky shirt collection which of course are designer made so its quite difficult to find these shirts for you online. But still this part of style guide is just to inform you of the trending fashion such that you improve your fashion sense and become updated with the knowledge of latest mens fashion. The look has the use of normal Jeans along with some special accessories like Firoza bracelets, quirky leather strings and multi-coloured beads bought from Dharmashala and obviously that big dial watch.

Get This Look: Skinny Fit Men’s Jeans by Levi’s , Aviator Sunglasses by Joe Black, Belt by SkyWays,  IQ Linear Chronograph Analog Watch For Men (Dark Green) by Timex.



This is an intersting look from the movie but even for this look I lack the power to get you this designer shirt for the moment, despite the shirt and jeans accessories are used at its best for this look, Firoza bracelets, quirky leather strings and multi-coloured beads from Dharmashala are the accessories used along with those 3 rings in the right hand, this look might boost your inner confidence and help you project yourself superior among others.

Get This LookSkinny Fit Men’s Jeans by Levi’s,  Acrylic Bracelet by Trendy Baubles,  IQ Linear Chronograph Analog Watch For Men (Dark Green) by Timex.

So this was it, there are still more looks to cover from the movie but I dropped the idea of explaining them becasuse these look involve the use of designer shirts which are specially made only for the movie so it was no point of showing you the looks which I cant offer to you.Still I tried my best to make this style guide worth some value, hope you liked our Raja Natwarlal style guide of this week and I also hope that Emraan Hashmi might have given you some style tips from this fashion guide. There is more to come in the comming weeks so you better keep visiting us to get updates of latest mens fashion and tips. You can even connect with us on facebook and twitter, just search for ilikethatlook on fb and twitter and get connected to India’s first fashion search engine website for Men.

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