29th Dec

Bollywood Fashion Tips 2015 | Best Of Men’s Style Compilation

As the year comes to an end I have a very exclusive style compilation of the best Bollywood looks of 2015. It has actors and their best look in their movies which featured in 2015. Hope you understand style and fashion better with this Bollywood Fashion Tips 2015(Best Of Men’s Style Compilation). Get your wardrobe styled for a new year with the exclusive looks here which have unique combinations of shirt, jacket, sweatshirt,chinos, suite and a lot more. The actors and their looks are in random order.

1. Fashion is Temporary but Style is Evergreen

Shahrukh Khan jacket In Dilwale

I am really impressed with Shahrukh khan promoting cargo pants, I dont see many guys wearing this nowadays but look at him, his look is styled with perfection. The cargo pants and Melange blazer with hood and not to forget the analog wrist watch. When dealing with grey cargos it is mostly advised to play with light shaded top wear. You should wear this style of clothing only when you go for hangout at a place with natural sunlight and should avoid light colour dresses at night where there is artificial light or darkness.

2.Keep It dull

Shahrukh Khan jacket In Dilwale

Since the use of layers is quite prominent nowadays and is a must recommended by me. But apart from the regular shirt and t-shirt layers something worth trying is the jacket and t-shirt layer combo. The main agenda is to keep everything look dull, makes you look tough bro.What a combination it would be to keep everything dull and show your toughness without saying a word, just imagine!

3.Keep it simple(Buy Plain Clothes)

Ranbir Kapoor shirt chino Tamasha

Some piece of clothing will never go of the trend and in this case how could you miss the white shirt. Having a white shirt is mandatory in your wardrobe as this could be paired with almost every bottom wear be it jeans or chinos or even cargo pants.

Ranbir Kapoor believes to Keep it simple which doesn’t me not to wear any accessory, get yourself a black analog watch which would look good on every look. To have a beard like this make sure you get educated about the grooming tips for men.

4. Class is for Men, Swag is for Boys

Salman Khan Suit Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

There is no need of any description for the class in this look infact its class apart. This is the most genuine look Salman khan style which will look good on everyone. But the fact is people usually prefer a dark or generally black blazer while you should try light shades to stand out. Its just about inverting the colours which everyone will wear and stand out among the crowd.

5. Sweatshirt is never out of fashion

Tiger Shroff In Zindagi Aa Raha Hu Mai

This look is of Tiger Shroff’s in Zindagi Aa Raha Hu Mai. To make things look different you need to do something different and for that you need to add some swag in your look, there is an ultimate tweak done here, just look at the thumb and you will understand it. Its a pretty good tweak according to me and I am on my way to try this right now. If you cant get this kind of sweatshirt then get yourself a scissor and get a small hole for the thumb, make sure you cut it neat and that you are a certified swagger now!  The sweatshirt here is not a regular one, which you can make out if you look closely at the zip which is a diagonal on, but various types of this sweatshirt is available online you just need to browse the fashion section of fashion stores online.

6. White Stands For Royalty Not Peace

Varun Dhawan Jacket Dilwale

This is one of the pretty good looks I came across in the recent time by Varun Dhawan in Dilwale. This look shows how white shirt and sweatshirt can be so much stylish along with a regular blue Jeans. Accessories go pretty well with this look, so investing in watch, locket or even bracelets would be quite effective. Though I personally feel that white attracts dirt easily and I am not those kind of person who likes to wash clothes every now and then so if you are of my type then better go for dark clothes but yeah this look can be quite good for special occasions.

7. Chinos are meant to create buzz

Emraan Hashmi Shirt In Hamari Adhuri Kahaani

Emraan Hashmi brings us one great summer look which promotes the summer fashion trend, As we have seen in the previous style guide of Ranveer Singh in Dil Dhadakne Do a casual plain shirt,chino along with an analog watch is what is in demand this summer and if you are still not into breathable chinos then you are missing a heck lot of things ranging from comfort to style. As a suggestion I would better recommend you get yourself a chino like this and get yourself clicked for facebook photos before this style fades aways. If you wonder what are breathable chinos here is my answer. Chinos are perfect for when you don’t want to go for denims or trousers. They have a lighter fabric and will keep you cooler as opposed to the latter two. It’s easy to dress up with chinos, just throw in a crisp shirt and a pair of oxfords, as it’s easy to dress down too. The only modification is previously it was v-neck t-shirt with chino which now is a shirt. There is not much of a difference and is totally upto you in which one you fell good.

8. Blend Of Formal and Casual Makes You a Party Dude

Ranveer Singh In Dil Dhadakne Do

Now this look is similar to the style of Saif Ali Khan in Happy Ending, for reference you can check that guide out. This look is one of the best one’s if you are going to a formal party and don’t want to look too formal. A V neck t-shirt,blazer along with the right jeans and how can I forget the analog watch.I simple like the way Ranveer has styled V neck along a grey blazer, simply cool. You might even get these kind of blazer at local shops which keep weeding wears at cheap prices. I saw the same blazer at local shop in New Delhi, though the quality might matter but who cares you might just need it for a few occasions.

9. Dark Clothing with Accessories Enhance Your Look

Farhan Akhtar in Dil Dhadakne Do

Now this is one of my personal favourite look, it seems to be a very powerful look to me. It is a look which portrays confidence in a man no matter how you look, just make sure you get this look correctly. First things first, get yourself a black V neck full sleeve t-shirt and roll it up just like Farhan has done, along with this make sure you get a dark grey or brown cargo. The idea of the look is same as of Sidharth Malhotra in Ek Villain, don’t forget to get the accessories like rudraksha, analog watch and some wrist bands.  One thing you need to remember is that you should always wear rudraksha or bracelets on the hand opposite to the hand oon which you wear a watch.

10. Style Is For Everyone

Irfaan Khan In Piku

Irrfan Khan is not well known for his style and looks but for his acting but the way he dressed in the movie Piku will sure end this kind of remark on him. As described in the Irfaan khan in Piku style guide a dark blue jeans would be a good choice which will get along the look, apart from this a wayfarer is must. There are certain rules while picking up the right sunglasses for you. Do You Know It? The shape of your face determines which type of style would work the best for you. Wayfarers work the best on almost every face i.e it has a probability to work on 8 people out of 10 while an aviator would work only on 6 people out of 10. It is very important to understand which one will suite you best and then buy it.

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