4th Jan

Arjun Kapoor In Tevar

Hope everyone had a great year and had an enjoyable New Year party, though I didn’t have any, well that’s a part of another story I will get on it later  but its a New Year and so are the movies and fashion which will we blessed with the new and interesting New Year fashion. This style guide is on the looks of Arjun Kapoor from the movie Tevar. This action packed movie has some great looks which include the new Kurta and Jeans look to the Baaraati Look. These innovative and intersting looks are the result of the contribution of the movie’s costume designer Haripal Nakai, Subarna Ray Chaudhuri and Kunal Rawal. Make sure you try the looks from the movie because this style guide will be the new trend setter of 2015.Though it seems Arjun is not much concerned about fashion throughout the movie and as an important fashion rule I want you to just cancel Arjun’s name as a fashion idol from your list, if you have any. I have sorted out the best looks from the movie in a hope that you get the look for which you once said in your mind ‘I Like That Look’.

PS: I have some personal favourites from the movie namely the Superman Look, Classy Look and Tevar Look.

Style #1: The Superman Look


Its the superman look,no wonder why its called the superman look. For those who wonder, its derived from the song from the movie ‘Superman’. Its yet and easy look which involves just a pair of kurta and maching jeans along with a sports shoe or a sneaker whichever suits you better but make sure it is white in colour. Its obviously not a new look but its interesting to see if it sets a trend because normally we feel more comfortable with a pair of shirt and Jeans this will for sure break the on going trend if it liked by people. As a piece of advice I would say that please try this look only if you are into your 20’s or 30’s as below this age group the look wont suite your personality.


When you put a wayfarer and a Jacket along with the kurta and Jeans look it makes the look even better. For those below the suggested age group they can obviously replace the kurta with a maching shirt. Make sure you keep the wayfarer a bit with fancy colours. The jacket here can be any regular jacket which you have bought on for these chilling winters. You can get this look for any informal event as it looks cool and desi at the same time because this look is a milk shake of Rambo,terminator and Salman Bhai according to Arjun Kapoor from the movie.

Style #2: The Polo Look


This look resembles to me the regular guy look of Arjun Kapoor from the movie Finding Fanny. Its the use of yet another polo t-shirt with interesting strips. This polo is not my personal favourite because all it does is make you look like a dork and would not even grab any attention of opposite sex and who knows you might even get bro zoned with this look. Though things can be made better if you choose a better polo, you can blame the costume designers now for this not so good look. I personally dont recommend this one but if you like it and want to make the dork within you happy then for sure try this look.

Style #3: The Fighter Look


A printed shirt is used for this look and it would be very difficult for me to arrange this printed shirt for you unless and until I get in touch with the fashion merchandise of the movie. It would still be great if you hunt for this shirt at your nearby fashion stores as this shirt is the one you should have in your wardrobe for some hangout with your girl, just to make yourself look tough. A black jeans or dark blue jeans would get along quite well along this look.

Stlye #4: The Classy Look

Designer Shirt 2

This is the look I have earlier mentioned for my picks from the movie. This shirt is the perfect printed shirt for party events. You can always rely on this t-shirt to make your personality felt in the fashion lit party crowd. For this look a Wayfarer is just like a cherry on top of a cake. It complements the look even more than an aviator. I want to make it a compulsory shirt for every person reading this style guide as if you actually want to flaunt your fashion fitness then its highly recommended you try this look along with a black Jeans.If you want this shirt then please drop by the request to provide this shirt on the Facebook page of this movie. Make sure you mention ILikeThatLook in the request.

Style #5: The Tevar Look


The Tevar Look has been born from Arjun Kapoor’s Tevar Jacket which has been launched under denim brand Flying Machine.Keeping in mind his rugged appeal, Flying Machine has recreated and customised the biker jacket that Arjun is donning in his film. With ‘Bellow Pockets’ placed on the chest as the key design element, it gives the jacket a very rugged yet classy appeal, just like its inspiration.It also boasts of a shirt collar made of leatherlite. Its the leather jacket look which is framed in a bit different way this time. This look would be useful to a lot of you striving to get a good look for this winter. You can buy the jacket from Flying Machine’s online store just search for ‘Tevar Jacket’.

Get This Look:

Stlye #6: The Baaraati Look


The final look is the baaraati look and is one of my personal favourites. It will be a descent wear for your friends nearly approaching marriage. Its a designer look which can cost a big hole in your pocket so instead you better get the same one with a tailor nearby whom you know would not disappoint you. If you want the same designer one please drop by the request to provide this look from the Facebook page of this movie. Make sure you mention ILikeThatLook in the request.If I get any response from them to have a partnership with their merchandisng team then I will be more than happy to provide you the same look. This ends the Arjun Kapoor Tevar Style guide, hope you try out the looks and feel fashion the bollywood way. If you like this style guide then please make sure you hit the like button below to be in touch with I Like That Look for new style guides.

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