4th Sep

Arjun Kapoor In Finding Fanny

Welcome back folks, its show time and this time its our very own Arjun Kapoor who has hit the jackpot for us. Finding Fanny is a very different kind of film, its really very difficult to predict how this movie might get along with the crowd’s choice. The movie features Arjun Kapoor in a very rugged look which is very different from his looks in the movie ‘2States’.This time Ajun plays the ultimate bad guy role and not the suave guy in 2States. There are not much looks of Arjun in the movie which will impress the crowd, very little attention is given to fashion for Arjun in the movie because of the character he is playing in the movie but still I have listed below some looks which are worth giving a try. There is nothing new in terms of style or fashion introduced in the movie but the way of presenting the ongoing style is quite good to have a look. This Style Guide will help every man to get the classy casual look which is simple and attractive at the same time. So here are the five looks which I have sorted out which I hope you will like and for sure give a try.

Style #I : The Tough Look


This is the most prominent look from the movie and has been used by Arjun Kapoor in almost every scene of the movie, now lets decode the look. This look basically uses the old trending concept of wearing a denim jacket over any t-shirt, the only difference is that normally the trend was a plain t-shirt along with denim but this time its a striped t-shirt.The look is quite cool and will be supported by the youth, its a sporty look which also adds a college guy feel. This is for sure a trend which wont go out of fashion and I really support this look, though you can obviously try different striped round neck t-shirt with this but even this one is a great combination and definitely deserves a try from your side. Get this look before anyone else gets it, maybe your friend.

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An extra accessory in this look is the use of a sacred thread which I guess you can easily manage to get. Accessories like wrist band, chains, sacred thread and rudraksha are in trend so make sure you at least have one to enhance the look which you thought would look great  on you. This look can also be used when going for hangout with friends or even a adventure trip, its sporty and comfortable at the same time. And for sure as the image says ‘It can also be worn on a DATE’ 😛



So this is how the whole look is like, just to give you a better idea of what can be this look like the above image is used in the style guide. Its a normal jeans worn in the movie which I guess most of you people might be having still you can get it using the links below.

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Style #II :  The Romeo Look


Romeo Arjun is back and so are his funky looks from the movie Finding Fanny. We can get this look with a green coloured vest along with an aviator, this is a rugged look but will me liked by a bulk set of audience. This look will also add that bad guy feel which might impress many dudes. This funky look is an easy one and will be great if a deep blue jeans is worn with it. The aviator used here is different than the usual ones and is really hard to get this kind of aviator. To add an extra fell to the rugged look wearing a sacred thread or just a locket would  get along quite well.

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Style #III : The Boy Next Door Look


Wearing a casual round neck striped t-shirt is what used by Arjun Kapoor for this look, this look is actually a subsequent version of the first look which had a denim jacket along with this tshirt. Just dont forget to get a sacred thread which will be treated as an accessory as done in the movie. Its the boy next door look from the movie and would get quite well with anyone all you need to do is get the right pair of jeans below which wont spoil the colour combination of the look. To know more about the products checkout the links below.

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Style # IV: The Trendy Look


Finding such looks are quite difficult from the movie, still these kind of looks are the most preferred ones and have a chance of going viral. This look uses the same denim jacket used in the other looks, nothing great about this look apart from the fact that it is a copied look from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and R..Rajkumar. Still the copy works quite well and goes in favour of Arjun. Its just an effortless style which will add your glamour quotient and give you a fashionista feeling, it basically would help you get the classy feeling of a rugged guy. Its a look to show of in public. Dont hesitate to give it a try and tell us about your feeling by commenting below this style guide.

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Style #V : The Formal Look


Formal looks nowadays are a part of every movie and obviously the reason is it make a man more attractive. This look is a blend of formal and casual which makes it necessary to decode. This look will portray you as a person who is attending the event for the sake of it and is not attending it whole heartedly. This look is not I would favour if you are going for a meeting or any functions/party. This very look can make people make out that you are not interested in the event and might give a wrong hint to your friends/family/collages. My verdict is if you want formal looks then better try our Styling guide from Raja Natwarlal and  Bewakoofiyaan.

So this ends our style guide for Finding Fanny which had the best collection of looks of Arjun Kapoor. Make sure you checkout all the looks and tell us how you felt after getting the look. Hope you use the coupons provided below the product list to avail offers and get the style at a lower cost. Make sure you share this style guide if you liked it, that’s all I have to say. Keep visiting us to know more Bollywood fashion as we are lined up with some great movie in our upcoming style guides.

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