26th Apr

Akshay Kumar In Gabbar Is Back

Its been a while since we last saw Akshay Kumar’s style guide and guess what he is back with a bang! Akshay Kumar’s looks from Gabbar Is Back will for sure outsmart most of my previous style guides. The movie portrays Akki as a common man who has a negetive name but has postitive intentions, so the looks will for sure confuse you at some point or the other but overall the movie has a great set of looks which men would for sure desire. There is nothing much fancy in the looks as these are the common man looks and has thus anyone can get it right on the go, thanks to Rick Roy the costume designer of the movie.Rick has managed to sort out the most comfortable outfits like hoodies, casual shirts, full sleeve  which can be used by any men to just pick it up,wear and go in style. This style guide has more of casual looks so this guide is specially decoded for your day to day wear.

Style #1: The Casual Look


It seems that Akshay Kumar wants to make the hoddy fashion a trend among Indian men and is busy promoting it in his movie Gabbar Is Back. This look will give you a bit of tough look if you work out well on your facial hair, as done by Akshay. To complement the sweatshirt a vest is worn under it which makes the overall look interesting. Its time you get a sweatshirt for yourself if you dont have it yet as it is the very next trend which is set to evolve.



The look can also be experimented by wearing a full sleeve white t-shirt along with the sweatshirt though it wont add much of a difference than the previous one but you should prefer this one only when you feel that the outside weather is cold. You can style the same look for different temperatures. A blue regular fit jeans will get along quite well with this look along with black sports shoe.

Look #2: The Regular Look

Now this is what you would really expect Gabbar to look like, this is for sure a tough look with easy clothing. The facial hair and shirt have a great blend. A dull coloured shirt is preferred instead of a bright one which seems to make the result quite interesting. Using this fact I can say that if you ever want to look like a tough guy then make sure you wear the combination of a dull coloured shirt along with a dark denim(Rick avoided denims and stuck to trousers made of soft linen).


Now this look is a must have look to look as a casual look. If you have been following this blog then you might be well aware of the use of white shirt, it never goes out of trend and is a must have if you want to be style ready on the go. Its basically the best set of clothing for any occasion as it is an evergreen look and can help you get the classy look without much effort. It can be kept as a backup option for emergency cases. If you are new to this look then just in a form of recap I would like to describe the look to you, this look has a base of a casual shirt along with a dark Denim and of course a dark leather belt.


Now even this is one of the most common looks one would have seen, it the simple inversion theory used here i.e Dark Shirt and Light Jeans theory, this theory worky on alomost every colour for example checkout the previous white shirt and dark denim look. It’s clear right?


An experimental look is always great to decode and so it this look which has an interesting use of  tertiary colour scheme. This look is not that elegant and also wont suite a large amount of audience so its better you stay away for such experiment as there are better looks which you can try in the style guide. If you are still interested thenplease take a note that this shirt will get along quite well with a dark denim or trouser, I suggest you to go with a dark denim.

Look #3: The Playboy Look


Its a great look for hangouts,date,college everything where formals are not required. Its an Enrique inspired look as its Enrique Iglesias who is quite fond of wearing a v neck t-shirt which is generally white or any other dull colour along with a black shaded denim. The only differnce between Akshay and Enrique for this look is the trademark cap of Enrique. Its a great look and I highly recommend this one.

Look #4: The Hangout Look


The hangout look has a very differnet pattern shirt and that is the very reason why I have selected this look. Now this is how you use the concept of layers cleverly, a white t-shirt(v neck) has its best effect with this casual shirt. It’s quite difficult to get this shirt online so I am instead giving you the twitter id of the designer Rick Roy using which you can ask him How/When/Where to get the shirt. If you dont know the process to contact the designer make sure you checkout the FAQ section of the website. To complete this look a blue shaded trouser made of soft linen is used along with a regular Puma white sports shoe which will do rest of the work.


Get This Look: For Shirt contact designer Rick Roy

Look #5:The White Looks


Gabbar also promotes V Neck t-shirt, its not at all normal to see Akshay Kumar wear a V- Neck t-shirt so many times unless and until he actually likes it. He seems to be enjoying the look of a t-shirt and chino, the experiment of Rick Roy seems to be quite successful. I would suggest you to go for a black v neck t-shirt instead of a white as it will be a much better option in terms of good look as white ones are generally used under a denim jacket or a casual shirt so make sure you don’t spoil the look just because it is done here incorrectly.


A white sweatshirt is a treat for fashion lovers as this can get along well with almost any bottonwear but the only matter of concern is that it would get dirty easily and thus spoil your style as well as mood but if you are ready to experiment and take chance then I will highly recommend you to get this sweatshirt and try various denims and trouser as I can promise that this investment of yours will not go waste.

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Look #6:The Gabbar Look


The formal look has been customised here as the gabbar look but its all in the same look we have seen in Akshay Kumar’s Holiday, SRK’s Happy New Year and much more. I dont like to discuss much about formal looks as formal look’s itself says it all. This look according to me would be quite cool if your during any party or any formal event. Its not a new look so I think most of you might be knowing about the look. Its an easy look to get just make sure you have the proper waist coat with collar along with a bright and white formal shirt.Just make sure you keep the sleeves folded.

Get This Look: Men’s Solid Casual Shirt By Rodid ,  Solid Men’s Waistcoat by Protext

This ends the style guide of Gabbar is Back, I hope you will try out the trendy looks and let me know effective they were on you. It’s been a month since my last article and so this was a much awaited guide, my next guide will be of Ranbir Kapoor in Bombay Velvet it will have the old 80z-90z look but will still try to decode the effective looks which will work even today so make sure you check that out. The guide has almost all the important looks from the movie but if at any time you feel that any look is missing and you want to know about that look feel free to drop by an email at shivank[at]ilikethatlook.com we will make sure that we review it and update the style guide as soon as possible.

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