2nd Aug

Akshay Kumar In It’s Entertainment

Its not even a month and Akshay Kumar is back with another movie named It’s Entertainment. The movie Holiday was a blockbuster and managed to create a style statement also, Akki’s shorts and shoes were the part of movie which was searched the most out of the movie. Even this time you wont be disappointed with the looks of Akshay Kumar from the movie, there are a list of looks which I would like to explain from the movie and thus I have listed it below. Many people might feel that the casual looks are some what same which was covered in the movie holiday but still there are a few looks which you will like for sure. There are looks which everyone among the audience would like.

Style #1 : The Causal Look


It can be said as a bad beginning to this style guide but the reason to make this look the first one among others is to tell you that the use of a casual white shirt is in trend on street fashion and thus has been used in the movie. There are no accessories used in this look but something to notice is the use of that colourful watch, its better to get a white shirt before this get out of trend. This shirt would get along well with blue jeans, a slim fit one.

Casual Shirt/Men’s Kurta:

Style #2 : The Trending Look


There are times when you really like a look and this one is for sure one of those. This time it is the use of a mandarin collared half sleeve shirt, if you read fashion guides from this website then you might be aware that mandarin collared shirts are in trend and as an experiment its the use of half sleeve which is done here and it proves to be a good experiment. Getting this shirt would help you style yourself on various occasions and get you the confidence of carrying a look which is in trend.

Mandarin Collar Shirt[Alternative]:

Style #3 : The Outdoor Look


This is an energetic look of the movie  and gives you the college fashion feel. It’s the use of a full sleeves polo t-shirt along with that of an aviator which complements to get the stud look. This look would give an energetic vibe to others who have a look at you, the use of vibrant colours makes this look a look worth giving a try.  Make sure you get such kind of vibrant and attractive polos in your wardrobe.




To compliment the use of such attractive shirt the use of a regular fit blue jeans is made with a dark brown belt. White shoes are the only ones which would add contrast to this look as other colours wont be that effective.




Style #4 : The Stud Look


Its the use of Jacket which make this look classy, this one is quite similar to the use of Jacket by Varun Dhawan in the movie Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. The aviator  also adds class to the tough look along with the use of that black vest. These days wearing a jacket over vest is in trend and your fashion sense is totally useless if you dont have some of these coloured vests.






Style #5 : The Fashionista Look


Mandarin Shirt is one of the most useful piece of clothing when it comes to men fashion in India. Using it individually was for sure a trend but now fashion moves one step ahead with the use of a jacket along with the mandarin collared shirt. Its a great look if you how to choose the perfect matching jacket for your shirt, if you lack creativity like me then out for your rescue are my style guides in which we wear what Bollywood men wear.To complement this look a pair of  sneakers would be quite great to enhance this impressive look.

Mandarin Collar Shirt:


Style #6 : The Outdoor Look


This look would work best for college students as this look uses the trending college looks collection, which include the use of a Casual shirt over a t-shirt which is called the layers concept. Along with my knowledge of Bollywood fashion increasing I have something worth sharing, according to my observence the use of chinos is being promoted by Bollywood. Chinos will be the next big revolution among men in India,so its better you be prepared for this revolution.

Casual Shirt:



Style #7 : The Outdoor Look


The outdoor look is back in action with this concept of layers, this is yet another use of Shirt over a vest. A blue regular fit jeans gets along with this look plus the analog watch which is a coloured one adds a different look. Don’t forget to get those aviators to complement this look, a sports shoes would be totally cool with this look.


Casual Shirt:


Analog Watch:

Style #8 : The Colour Freak


Nothing much to say about this look as this is a look which wont be liked by everyone due to the interesting use of colour of blazer and Vest. For those who like this look its better you get it from any local store because a blazer with this colour is not available on any leading online store of the country.

Style #9 : The Outdoor Look


This is a causal look with some modification, the look is somewhat similar to Akshay Kumar’s previous movie Holiday the only modification is that a round neck t-shirt is used along with chinos.This look is useful for those people who want to go on a date or just a hangout with friends which even includes your girlfriend, as from the image its clear that Akshay Kumar hangouts with Tamanna using this look.

Casual Shirt:



After the domination of Salman Khan looks from the last week style guide, its time when Akshay Kumar also portrays his styles in the movie ‘It’s Entertainment’. This weeks style guide has a good set of looks which deserve a try from your side.It contains a whole bunch of casual looks to improve your dressing sense when going outdoors and people would for sure fall for your dressing sense if you apply the recommended styles suggested by me from this movie.So that’s the end of this style guide hope that I am able to help you style using Akki’s look throughout the movie. Feel free to drop by your comments/views or even suggestions about the looks, you may even ask for any product which you don’t think is provided here.

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