20th Dec

Ajay Devgan In Action Jackson

It was a few months ago when the movie Singham Returns was released and I had purposely not posted any style guide for it here on I Like That Look and it was totally because of the fact that I am not a fan of styling done by Ajay, infact his way of styling is totally bull shit, sorry to say that but its true. But I guess that now Ajay Devgan has surely raised his standards as far as Fashion and Styling is concerned and that’s the big reason why he gets into the list of Style Guides of I Like That Look, party time for him 😛 While analysing the looks from the movie I was amazed by the work done by the costume designer, that’s the reason I have got around eleven looks to decode and enhance your fashion knowledge for the week. The Style Guide has looks ranging from the regular look of shirt and jeans to the winter looks to help you out with this chilling winters. There are a few designer shirts too used in the movie which will be liked by a small set of audience. So lets begin the guide and style just like AJ.

Style #1: The Outdoor Look


The style guide begins with the best looks ranging from top to bottom according to priority according to the effect of look and its this look which manages to hold the top spot. This look is cool and effective at the same time, it can be styled for any occasion as its a mixture of regular stuffs like a wayfarer,round neck t-shirt,Jacket,Jeans and sneakers. Adding a wrist watch with a metal belt will enhance the look. The only reason why this look is the best one is that the use of colour combination for the different products which are used, If you follow this colour combination seriously then there is no reason for anyone to not compliment you for your looks. This look would be the perfect one if you want to sneak out with your girlfriend, plan to travel, go for shopping(with a girl),Movies. This look is the one which you should keep on first priority for any event with friends or family.

Get This Look: Solid Men’s T-Shirt by Domyos,  Skinny Fit Men’s Jeans by FORCA, Wayfarer Sunglasses by Joe Black

 Style #2: The Winter Look


Its a regular winter look, its freezing cold outside so I thought that this look might help you guys out to survive this chilling winter season. Nothing interesting about the look, its a traditional one which has sunglasses,T-Shirt,Jacket and Jeans. The important thing about this look is the sunglasses, to me it resembled the swimming glasses but its not true 😛 Its ‘Wrap’ type of sunglasses. Just Google the term Wrap Sunglasses. This look can be a winter hangout look.

 Style #3: The Formal Look


This is the look which is the real portrait of Action Jackson, a semi formal look having a half unbuttoned shirt, a tatoo on the chest, a belt along with a trouser, a regular formal black shoes will be fine for this look. Notice that the sleeves are not folded to make it feel like a tough look. This look would be great on formal occasions, like for any thing connected with the word OFFICIAL(Official Work,Party,Meeting).

Get This Look: Men’s Solid Casual Shirt by Rodid, Slim Fit Men’s Trousers by Indian Terrain, Belt by TSX

 Style #4: The Casual Look


Casual looks play a very important role in everyone’s life and so does it in a movie.It is a balance of all the looks as it is attractive,elegant,comfortable and at the same time affordable to give a shot. This look is just a causal look provided that there is use of elegant colours. For your information the shirt used for this look is not a regular one its a designer one, to spot the difference just checkout the shoulder area of the shirt Got it! Great. Instead of investing to get this designer shirt you should use a casual shirt,it would be better and much more affordable. With this shirt a vest would be fine but you can also try a u/v neck t-shirt. A jeans and sneaker would be a great combo for the bottom wear. This look would be good for any marriage ceremony as portrayed in the movie, but can also be used to go for hangouts, malls,movies etc, after all it is a casual look.Its the best back up look you can have for any occasion.

Get This Look: Men’s Vest by Hanes, Slim Fit Men’s Jeans by High Star

 Style #5: The Trendy Look



This look is a cool hangout look, it can be useful during winter time after all it only has a wayfarer,sweatshirt,jeans and those shoes. A white t-shirt below the sweatshirt would be great. It yet again the colours which enhance the colours of this look. You can give this one a try while travelling or even hang out with buddies but should be avoided during parties or such events, its not a great idea.

Get this Look: Full Sleeve Solid Men’s Sweatshirt by U.S. Polo Assn., Slim Fit Men’s Jeans by High Star,Wayfarer Sunglasses by Joe Black

 Style #6: The Regular Guy Look


Initially I had a thought about deleting thing look from the style guide but after giving a second thought I concluded that this one would be an easy to get look and would be benificial for many of you out there, secondly I was impressed with the use of hat, the hat is actually the same kind which Prabhudeva wears generally. Its a regular guy look, a hat,wayfarer,t-shirt,jeans and sport shoes(white ones) is all you need. This look is a kinda tourist look according to the movie.

Get This Look: Solid Safari Cap Cap by InnovationTheStore, Wayfarer Sunglasses by Joe Black

Style #7: The Travel Look


This one is a fair bit of try, I just like the way the overall look blends. Its some wonderful combination of blue shirt along with a trouser. For your information this shirt is a designer one but you can obviously give a try to the casual shirts available. This look would be great with a wayfarer and a watch with a black belt. To discuss about the shoes, a loafer would be great for this one. This look is highly recommended while you travel to any awesome destination with your girl. Its basically a relaxing look with style at the same time, its a look you should probably look forward to while travelling.

Get This Look:Wayfarer Sunglasses by Joe Black

 Style #8: The Innovative Traditional Winter Look


A sweater and a chino is what I would have never thought about but its AJ from the movie who makes us have a real time experience with this look. Its not bad at all and we can give a thumbs up to this try, its a great look for this winter as all you need is a chino to experiement with.Remember that you can even experiment with other coloured chinos but all I want to say I just make sure the colour combination goes well. This look is important because of the experiment of sweater and chino and I thought its worth sharing this look and promoting it. Sweater is something which is not having a good collection online but you can for sure hit the offline stores.

Get This Look:Wayfarer Sunglasses by Joe Black, Chino by Flipkart, Sweater at Malls.

 Style #9: The Peace Look


I remember this kind of look back in the style guide of Holiday of Akshay Kumar in ‘Aaj Dil Shayarana’ song but this surely is way ahead as here both the shirt and jeans is white. I wanted you all to notice this one because it is a great look, if wearing white Women can look like a fairy(Which I Oppose) even Men can look like a God Father. Its a great one and just make sure you give this look a try in the very future. If you are worried about when should this be worn then I will say that consider wearing this on casual occasions, just like you would do with the casual look. The only thing is that it’s white so chances of getting dirty is high, if you could manage that then give a thumbs up and say ‘Daag Aache Hai’!

Get This Look: Men’s Solid Casual Shirt by Parx, Slim Fit Men’s Jeans by Zovi

 Stlye #10: The Designer Looks(2 Designer Shirt)


So these are the designer shirts which are illustrated in the image, one is above and another one is below. All you got to do is use the ‘Peace Look’ white Jeans along with this designer shirt.


These looks can just be used while home or just some regular stuffs but dont wear it everywhere. It looks like an Indonesian Shirt, the pattern is just what Indonesian shirts are famous for. Though cant help you much to get this shirt, its all your effort to get this shirt.

Get These Looks: Slim Fit Men’s Jeans by Zovi.

Its the Bang Bang Style guide which is trending at present so dont forget to check it out. This marks the end of Style guide for Action Jackson, there are 10 comprehensive looks which are presented before you in a hope that you will give at least some a try. The products which are available online are presented below the description of look, the products which are not present are designer ones.Look for the designer products Offline i.e. in a shopping mall. If you want more description about any look or you want us to decode any more look then connect with us on our Facebook page. In the mean time checkout the ‘Review’ section  to know more about the review of fashion products specially for Indian Men.

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