• Coupons:

Are you a Coupon company who want to make our visitors buy the product we recommend using your coupon. Then you are at the right place, we help you embed your coupon in the fashion style guide(post) which will make it convenient to make use of coupon.Its even more interesting to note that this wont cost you much(By this you even get a dofollow backlink from us).

Cost: 1000 Rs. per style guide

  • Banner Advertisement:

Instead of having a banner placed at the header,footer or sidebar I have initiated a next level of advertising that is using banner advertisement inside the style guide(post). I want my visitors to view the advertisements I place so to make conversion rate better I will place banner advertisements inside the post which is the most viewed region by visitors thus increases the conversion rate. Although there is a condition before you use this advertising method, the banner should only be a rectangular horizontal banner with dimensions close to 1000×290.

PS: This banner advertisement will be placed as it is for lifetime.

Cost: 1000 x 290 Leaderboard : 1000Rs

  • Product Promotion:

Want to promote a product used in movie, I bet you wont find any place better than this! Get in touch with me in order to promote your product within the post, you decide the promotion method which can be either be an inside the post in the form of review of the product or just a normal banner.

  • Product Review:

Want me to review your product and help people understand your product in a better way,you are just an email away from getting in touch with me after which you can send the product for review,which will be reviewed on the Review section of website.

Interested in any of the advertising method above?

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