20th Dec

7 Style Lessons from Shahrukh Khan in Dilwale

The fever of Shahrukh Khan in Dilwale is high among the crowd and so its time to decode the style lessons which we can have from the movie Dilwale and improve our style and become attractive and charismatic just like Shahrukh. He has a very good style statement throughout the movie and will be a good choice to replicate. Even though his acting is a god gift but style and fashion is something he cant keep it to himself so learn these lessons and apply it to become more attractive and brace your personality and style quotient.

1.Lets Suit Up and Bang The party

Suit as stated by Barney Stinson in HIMYM defines classiness of a man so how do you expect Shahrukh Khan to not deliver this class in the movie. A suite is nowadays the most preferred clothing while going out for parties or major events.

Suite Up Party 3

Now there are two types of shades used on the suite, the above one is a lighter shade while the below one is the darker one. It is a matter of personal choice but lighter shades look pretty pleasant when there is natural light around you. A simple example for this would be to go wearing a lighter shaded one during day time activities while wearing darker shades when you have artificial light around you which is in the case of night.

Suite Up Party 2

It is not a hard and fast rule to wear matching sunglasses with your suite but imagine wearing black shaded aviator with this look, dont you think it will be weird? So to erase this weirdness it is recommended to match up you glasses with the clothing you wear. The thumb rule is that the colour of sunglass should match the colour of clothing which is the most on your body.

Suite Up Party

Remember when you are playing with dull colours dont bring in lighter shades along. Just like in the above look the dark shaded blazer has a dark shirt to complement it. People usually prefer black suite more because it is much common among them and they fear feeling awkward wearing a blue shaded suite like this one, so if you want people to give you a second glance and prove your style influence then this is a must have for parties or any other events which matter to you. A perfect pocket square could add a cherry on top so make sure you fold it to the right shape.

2.Wearing Excessive Colourful Clothing and Accessories Is No Overdose of Fashion

Style with Colours-Accessories is no overdose

Its never too much when you style to look perfect. This look yet again stands out and is not the regular set of clothes you see guys wearing, the most interesting part is the colour of the jacket, even though its pretty fancy for men but would love to give this a try. The main role in this look is of the attractive colour of jacket along with a dull shirt which just blends perfect and the scarf along with the aviator. Now I wonder why will anyone not be interested to have a profile picture like this for his Facebook account? Just add the accessories and you make the look from awesome to fabulous.

3. Fashion is Temporary but Style is Evergreen

Style is evergreen

I am really impressed with Shahrukh khan promoting cargo pants, I dont see many guys wearing this nowadays but look at him, his look is styled with perfection. The cargo pants and Melange blazer with hood and not to forget the analog wrist watch. When dealing with grey cargos it is mostly advised to play with light shaded topwear.

4. Play it Simple

Keep it simple

The first thing which I admire in this look is the hairstyle, the cool dude hairstyle he has in this look seems to have vanished among guys. I know the trend of spikes are more than this one but still sometimes its good not to look like a badass. And who says you cant get girls in this look just look at the king of romance embrace it. The only problem this hairstyle would have with a beard but for those cleaned shaved ones this one is all set for you, but yeah I should point out that this look is effective because of the shaded aviator else its just a normal look. I suppose the dialog ‘Don ko pakadna mushkil…’ would look better on this look. Just saying.

5.Keep it Dull Stupid

Keep it dull 2

This brown layered shirt is a perfect example of dull clothing and it suits the most when you have got a beard, probably a well groomed beard. Bracelet is something very powerful for the look and the black bracelet he has in the look just makes him look tougher. What a combination it would be to keep everything dull and show your toughness without saying a word, just imagine!

Keep it dull

Since the use of layers is quite prominent nowadays and is a must recommended by me. But apart from the regular shirt and t-shirt layers something worth trying is the jacket and t-shirt layer combo. The main agenda is to keep everything look dull, makes you look tough bro.

6. Dark element of attraction

Dark element of attraction

I personally want to keep my profile picture like this one, its simple just grow your beard wear a sweatshirt with hood. Cover your head dim the lighting and match the stick. Kaboom. Make sure you dont lit your face, keep a safe distance dont burn your beard. This reminds me of star wars, though you can keep the caption of dp as May the Force be with you.

7. Be The Tapori Dude

Be The Dude

Make your look a bit fancy, make it look tapori by wearing a colourful handkerchief on your head and having an aviator but at the same time match it with expensive jacker and a solid t-shirt. The mixture of these two blends to make a tapori dude. But if you remove the handkerchief its obviously a great look for almost any where you go. This time make sure you match the aviator with the jacket colour which is a thumb rule. A dark denim is thus an obvious choice for this look.

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