3rd May

7 Style Lessons from Baaghi

Tiger Shroff is known best for his causal looks in his previous movies, and yet again in Baaghi he has some pretty decent causal looks which could help you with your latest summer collection. There is nothing out of the box though out this style guide but with some descent looks this guide would be a bit helpful to you.

1. T-Shirts Never Betrays Your Style

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi

T-Shirts accounts to be the most common causal look and is worn by almost every guy nowadays. Though for me this look grabs a bit of attention as the dark shaded tee experimented with a light shaded denim jeans is what makes me curious about this look.

This is not my usual pick as I mostly opt for dark shades of Jeans and thus I think this would be a good try. Though you wont look outstanding in this look but as a regular day wear this is a nice option.

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi13

Now the contrast of the previous look is this one, a dark shaded denim jeans and a red tee. This combination counts in my one of the favourite combinations, but I prefer to give a bit of more weightage to red and black combination.

PS: Dont tuck in your t-shirt like him. Kinda champu look you will give to others.

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi12


Deep blue or purple t-shirt with a slogan or some random words with numbers are pretty much good when combined with denim Jeans. Make sure the denim jeans paired with this tee is a dark one, deep blue is more preferable.

2. Sleeveless Sweatshirt Is In Trend My Brother!

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi9


Ignore everything just focus on the colour combination. Blue and Black can do wonder’s my boy! When it comes to sweatshirt you must go for three shades navy blue,black or a grey one.

Black and Grey goes quite well with any dark shaded denim while a Navy blue one goes pretty well with a grey denim jeans. A regular sneaker shoe would work quite well with this look.

3. Jacket and a dark tee works out pretty well

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi3

When it comes to jackets black is the most preferred one and to layer it with any t-shirt yet again black seems to be another good option.

The central theme is to keep both the layers black. But dont pair these with a black denim, go for dark blue denim jeans those would look way much better.

4. Light shaded Layers can be Impressive at times

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi17

White casual t-shirt can be paired with a semi dark t-shirt along with a blue denim jeans, though this look is not very attractive but would still be a good choice during hangout with friends.

The only rule is to always layer a dark along with a light and vice versa. Dark along with dark or light along with light just doesn’t seem to workout pretty well.

5. This is an Ultimate Travel Look

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi5

Each and every look in this guide fades away when my gaze goes to this look. I personally would love to try this out in days to come, a jacket over a black tee and a dark shaded denim with a sneaker.

And to complement this look a black skull cap is worn, you can ignore the skull cap if its quite hot out there but during winter times this is pretty cool. I really loved the idea to keep it all black and enhance the look.

6. Get the Productive Workout Looks

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi6

I recently went into the workout mode a month back and wanted some ideas on workout looks, to my surprise this movie has packed two gym looks with a good colour combination.

A black track pant is always a thumbs up as it goes well with any t-shirt and the combination of white along with black works pretty well here.

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi4

Though a running shoes is what I recommend but if you could grab a sneaker which has qualities of running shoes it would work quite well with this look.

7. Suit Up for a Party

Tiger Shroff In Baaghi8

A style guide is incomplete without a formal look and this look reminds me of bachelor parties! Nothing different in this look but the main reason why I included this look is the use of white shoes with the suite. Generally people opt for formal shoes but here the trend seems to have changed and Tiger Shroff seems to promote white shoes along with suite, looking at this even I feel that I should give this a try.

If you try any of these looks dont forget to share with me the results in the comment below section.

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